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Highschool Drama Roleplay
Roleplay as a human,vampire,wolf,demon,witch,fairy,necromancer,s uccubus,ghost,zombie,mermaid,enchantres,sorcerer,w orlock,wizard etc. Modds are Maho and Empy, if you have a question or problem and i'm not on please ask them. :D
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Greek Myths
Private RP, Invite only
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Above Olympus
Welcome back to the Grecian Pantheon, home of the gods and so much more. (Currently under construction)
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Roman Steel
From 753 BC to 1479 AD, The Roman Empire stood. For near two millennium, the Empire that would form the bedrock of the west rose, conquered, created, destroyed, loved, hated, and withered to a slow death. Two thousand years of triumph, glory, and hardships. These Roleplays shall ask you to experience these trials, to see what Rome was, and to see what it could have been. Are you strong enough bare the might of The Eternal City? Are you made of Roman Steel?
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Pertaining to the Stars
Set in Greco-Roman mythology. There are no 'gods' so to speak, but Celestials, those who have watched over the earth since the beginning may act as judge and jury for slain humans. Particularly honorable humans gain their place in the stars as a constellation. Those who lived good and generous lives earned their place in the abyss; a place of peaceful rest. Those who chose the wrong path are to be born again, to live new lives until they learn to be virtuous and gentle.
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Gods and Goddesses RP
A simple RP forum for people who are interested in mythology of the Gods and Goddesses children, which i may add that we made up. This forum is mainly for fun, feel free to join our Forum by creating a character and we will check if qualifies or not. Most likely it will, we're not strict. BUT there are rules, nothing too big. NOTE: Some of the information we use is not entirely true. We made some things up in this forum.
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Mountain of Imperial Tales High School
The school of MITHS is well-known as a place for the children of Greek myths to get their education. However, things are not as straightforward as one might think, and plenty of students have secrets they'd rather not share. And that isn't even getting into the recent arrival of transfer students.
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Ask the Gods!
The gods have decided to take time out of their very important tasks to answer the questions of you puny mortals. So, why disappoint them? Ask away.
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Ask the Twins
Have you ever had a burning question for Apollo or Artemis? Maybe you've always wanted to know how many kids Apollo has. Or how they both got so good at archery. Well, now is your chance to ask! Ranging from angst to fluff to humor, we got it all. Apollo: Ask away sweethearts;) Artemis: Don't you dare flirt with the audience! Gods, this will be interesting.
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