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Marching Band
It's a forum about marching band and band in general. We're like a big internet band family. And we have virtual cookies!
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Band Geeks Unite!
No one ever seems to understand what band's all about. Ever notice how no one ever gets band jokes? Finally, somewhere where band geeks can come and just be themselves.
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Band, Band, Band
I love Band! Marching Band, Concert band, Jazz band, pep Band! Just any type of band! Come here to talk about evry thing band!
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Marching Band!
Hi! I'm a freshman in marching band! I love it! Lets talk about band! :D
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bandgeek 4 pres!
OKAY... so im not in marching band yet, but i will be next year. this is to talk bout all the band stuff you want to and any random additions...
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band all year round
talk about marching band, pep band and, consert band
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Color Guard
We guardies need someplace to call our own too, y'know.
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Concert and Marching Band
A forum to tell funny band stories and talk about our music and such. :3
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Marching Band and Band
talk about marching band and band! and all the crazy things band people do!
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Moderators Only Chat
Marching Band meetings, events, etc. For moderators only!
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Band Stories
Come here to read or tell funny, sad, embaressing, drama filled or just random stories about your marching band.
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For The Love of Directors: The Forum
I've created this forum to serve as a support for those who have director crushes or who need help with writing their director/student fic. Anything else related to marching band or director/student fic is welcome! So have fun!
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Guardies Welcome!
A place for fellow guardies to talk about guard stuff.
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Welcome to the Band Geek Side of Life
Whether it's marching band, concert band, or any other type of band, if you can look in the mirror and proudly call yourself a band geek, then come here and join your people. Discuss absolutely anything concerning band in any way.
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