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For Readers The Of Peacekeepers: The Story of PK Academy
Ask Me what you want to add or fix on my story or anything else and this is just for fun.
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love that girl
"love that girl and tell her you want to save her"
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Anime Discussion
Hello so we discuss animes here and what we think of weeaboos.
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I'm tired of these Guest Reviews
Lately I have been getting guest reviews from something called Veri. And I'm getting tired of being given these stupid guest reviews, with Veri and some sort of code next to it. I'm just mad about this, and I want whoever that is giving me these guest reviews with Veri on it to stop, because they are NOT reviews. This is a major troll that I was slapped with, and I want it to stop! Personally, 12 of my fics received the SAME Veri, with a different number code, and a different name each. I want it stopped!
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Roleplay Story Ideas
Just for fun.
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Lukewarm Aftertaste Forum
U can talk about the story if u want idc lol
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Fantasías de amor con mis novios 2D
Lees manga o anime, juegas MM y juegos Otome. Pues no se diga más, yo te voy a escribir historias de amor sobre ellos. Desde una dulce cita hasta el momento fianl de mostrar amor en la cama.
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