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Grey Wolves Roleplay
grey wolves Role play all main characters included invite only (Unless I have given you permission to invite others ) Have fun !
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Gomu Gomu Bazooka: Rewrite !
Yohoho! Gold and time is all that awaits you here. Well, that and hopefully a community of loyal friends of to which we call a crew. Hop aboard! Raise the sails! Remake of the Forum: Gomu Gomu Bazooka ! from the request of original Mod.
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Epic Forum of Epicness PRIVATE!
This is roleplay just between me and Incessant MoonyLicious Funtime. NO ONE ELSE ALLOWED!
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The Next Next Generation :
Yes this is the NEXT NEXT Generation forum which I think is fabby :
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The Paragon RP
In the old days before the Conquerer took over, there was a group of heroes that protected the universe from evil, but when the final battle came, they all just disappeared. It has come to light that the heroes were put into a deep sleep and hidden all over the world. A new group of heroes have arisen and will be trusted to reawaken these heroes. Will they succeed? Or will the darkness rule forever?
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The House Of Horrors and Other Adventures
Dare you enter the House of Horrors? Many have, but few have departed! Come if you dare! Or be a superhero! Or a wizard!
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A Place for Everyone, and Everyone in a Place
Come chat. Possibly will build something out of this later on.
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CreepyPasta Roleplay, Now Open To All!
Now anyone can join! (Because Skittles wanted it to not be private X3)
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Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Roleplay
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The Dragons of the Night
NightClan is a clan of dragons. They fight to protect each other against their enemies: Griffins. Join NightClan and become a fierce warrior and protector of the skies.
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Dragonlords of WA RP
A continuation/offshoot/relocation of the Dragonlords of WA RP
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Story Book Prep
Welcome to the world of high school. Not just any ordinary high school, but for the storybook characters' sons and daughters getting ready to fufill their parents destiny. So who's ready for high school! Jump right in!
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High School Life Roleplay Forum
Welcome to Nordiville Boarding School! Experience the crazy high school life with RPers around the world. Join clubs, participate in school and/or club activities, and enjoy school. You can roleplay either as a student or as a teacher! Join us now!
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worlds united
you know who you are the beings of power...Carbros will spread his darkness unless we fight!
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Royal Academy
On Earth, there are eight kingdoms who work together in harmony and all of the young royals and nobles attend the Royal Academy and University. Private RP, please PM to join. M-Rated, don't like, don't join.
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Around the Lake: A Warriors RP
Many, many years after Firestar is no longer a memory, the clans still live and thrive around the lake. Join clan life today!
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Random RP!
This is a roleplay I made for me and my best friend, Irony'sFriend. No one else is allowed to enter. xDD
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Thee Refugees
United we stand.
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High School RP
Welcome to high school where you flood the halls between classes and converse with friends at lockers. Where you have crushes, go on dates, have heart breaks, and find someone you love. Hope you have a great experience and don't be late for class! *Active Roleplay*
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Cirque de Luna: Carnival of the New Moon
Ever wanted to run away and join the circus? Or how about right some wrongs from your childhood by taking revenge along the way? Either way, you'd be a perfect fit for the Circus of the Moon, or commonly known as the Cirque de Luna. Or maybe you aren't fit for the traveling, you'd rather make the misfits normal, and give the carnival something to be scared of...
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Deathlands RP
An RP forum based on a classic, if obscure series of post-apocalyptic pulp novels. Create an OC, and travel across the America of 2104: a blasted poisoned land where every day is a struggle to survive and those with great strength hold power. Invite only.
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Wings of Eden
Some are of the Fallen, others are half breed... in a world humanity knows nothing of lurks the others. Darkness to light. Good verses Evil. There is always a choice, always a path, always a destiny...
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Warriors Wild Style
This is a roleplay where you can be a lion, tiger, or leopard. Join DarkClan, AirClan, or LightClan. A warriors rp.
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Where I Want To Be 1x1 RP
RP between hegedu87 and cathedralsinmyheart.
English - Topics: 1 - Posts: 205 - Since: 11-09-12 - Admin: cathedralsinmyheart
In a post-apocalypic future, the world has been devastated by demons and vengeful ghosts leaving humanity to rebuild their cities. However, demons still roam the spare desert lands and ghosts still terrorize the puny towns that are still growing. Only one thing has the power to stop the supernatural creatures, and that thing is an Exorsist. They are criminals damned with holy power to kill what goes bump in the night. Can your survive the world of Dustlands?
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