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Forum Goreano
este forum vai falar sobre a obra de John Norman Crônicas da Contra-Terra
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When digging into an unknown cave, explorers didn't know what they would unleash. It was a monster that they never saw coming, sealing their fate and many other innocent lives. It was spreading across the world...and all because the rocks were to shiny to ignore.
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test stories
my story's are usually used to help me get good critisism
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Rome's Lessons to America
This is a Forum of political opinion
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Jesse's wedding day
Jesse was getting married. Until it, all went wrong. Filled with plot twist and emotional events. A great story to read.
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Warriors Name rating
Just pop in if you wanna get a rating before creating! or from an already created cat.
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Der Traum von Prinzessin Sammylia
Es war eine Prinzessin. Desen Name Sammylia war. Die hatte alles was sie wollte aber sie Träumte von der Welt draußen, nicht das sie es schlecht hatte Nein. Sie wollte einfach nur raus doch sie durfte nicht, wegen eines Vorfalls von vor 20 Jahren. Als ihre Mutter plötzlich verschwand. Egal wie oft sie ihren Vater an bettelte sie durfte nicht. Doch eines Tages sah sie ihre Chance und ging weg. Mit Folgen die sie überraschten...
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The 23rd Hunger Games
For those of you who aren't familiar with The Hunger Games trilogy, It's basicaly a fight to the death on live TV, so if you don't like violence, this might not be the fanfic for you. I also need 23 tributes, so leave a comment that tells me about your character. I have a character sheet in my bio if you want to use that.
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You Learn From Life a Lot
It's where Camila and Lauren learn different things from the beginning, when they were kids, teens, and adults.
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Original content
Post your thoughts on this. Its dedicated to people who want to promote an original idea
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Silver Discussions
This forum is used for advice on my “Silver” story and can be a place to discuss the story in general
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BTS World
Welcome to BTS Paradise. Here you can share any and everything on BTS. Fangirl, write fan fictions, critique, share writing tips, participate in contests, discuss about RM's long legs etcetra ps. i don't own any of the pictures used. credit goes to their owners
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Austim writters
Peopel can be horrible about what i write its hurts inside and im ausim and no understand us
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The ADHOC Parts (A Fandroid Creepypasta)
idk what to put on summary
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The Midnight Graveyard FanFiction
The main forum for The Midnight Graveyard...haunt you to your dreams...
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Rated M for Mature
Rated M for Mature is a place for adults 18 to advertise for 11, RPGs for Adult and stories rates M. Please read the rules they will explain everything
English - Topics: 3 - Posts: 0 - Since: 07-24-19 - Admin: SarahFatality666
The Book Under the Cushions
You were only simply looking for the tv remote but while checking the cushions you find a book. You shrug and sit down to read it but you find out it’s not an average book.
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Loving You
I loved You, but why wont you love me back? is it because im just you're "little brother". Everyday I just hope that you will love me back Male Reader x Female
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It's a place for the reader of Priest's works
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Charetors reacting to if the empouer had a text-to-speech device
From books to movies to shows each charetor both good and bad will react to TTS to see how lucky they are to live in there universe(mega crossover of WoF the dragon prince merlin star wars(anikin and obi wan)percy jackson and ect)
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Zerinth Chronicles and Spin-offs
Only for the Chronicles of Zerinth or spin offs of it
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lost in the dark
after falling in a dark place in life Riley reaches a stage of depression and meets a single woman who helps him come out of the dark, they strike an unlikely friendship and he slowly starts falling for her.
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The Knights of the Order - PRIVATE RP
A Private RP, invite only.
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The wiggles
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