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Gomu Gomu Bazooka: Rewrite !
Yohoho! Gold and time is all that awaits you here. Well, that and hopefully a community of loyal friends of to which we call a crew. Hop aboard! Raise the sails! Remake of the Forum: Gomu Gomu Bazooka ! from the request of original Mod.
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The Next Next Generation :
Yes this is the NEXT NEXT Generation forum which I think is fabby :
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The Paragon RP
In the old days before the Conquerer took over, there was a group of heroes that protected the universe from evil, but when the final battle came, they all just disappeared. It has come to light that the heroes were put into a deep sleep and hidden all over the world. A new group of heroes have arisen and will be trusted to reawaken these heroes. Will they succeed? Or will the darkness rule forever?
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The House Of Horrors and Other Adventures
Dare you enter the House of Horrors? Many have, but few have departed! Come if you dare! Or be a superhero! Or a wizard!
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The Dragons of the Night
NightClan is a clan of dragons. They fight to protect each other against their enemies: Griffins. Join NightClan and become a fierce warrior and protector of the skies.
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Dragonlords of WA RP
A continuation/offshoot/relocation of the Dragonlords of WA RP
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worlds united
you know who you are the beings of power...Carbros will spread his darkness unless we fight!
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Random RP!
This is a roleplay I made for me and my best friend, Irony'sFriend. No one else is allowed to enter. xDD
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Thee Refugees
United we stand.
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Fallen Grace
Cedia is a world of fantasy, held in rule by kings and queens and home to the likes of mages, knights, and even the lowest of peasantry. However, none ruled higher than the Goddess Epta…until, of course, she began to die. To make sure the land does not fall to evil, the Goddess used the last of her strength to diffuse her power amongst the land, infusing her abilities with Champions destined to fight against the coming darkness. A Literate Roleplay. [NO LONGER ACCEPTING]
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Warriors Wild Style
This is a roleplay where you can be a lion, tiger, or leopard. Join DarkClan, AirClan, or LightClan. A warriors rp.
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Where I Want To Be 1x1 RP
RP between hegedu87 and cathedralsinmyheart.
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Medieval Times Role Play
Medieval Times! Dragons, Princesses, fairies! Adventures all around!
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House of the Night series
Anyone loving the House of the Night series? Marked? Betrayed? Because I defiantly want to become a fledgling! Do come and join me.. I would love to read some fanfictions and such for these grand books.
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Your Own original stories
Come and talk about your own original stories here and, if you'd like to, post a preview of part of a chapter to get others interested in it. Or, advertise your own story here.
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Laurell K Hamilton
Here is the place to talk about the works of Laurell K Hamilton. It can be about Anita Blake or Merry Gentry. I love reading about both. I'd like to know if anyone else out there is reading these series and what your thoughts are.
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My Little Corner of Fanfiction
I invite anyone and everyone to join. This is a place to just talk about anything.
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Questions for Baz, Scarlet, and Various Other Book Characters
If you have any questions for me, Scarlet, or any other book character I've written a fanfic for, leave it here! I'll try to answer it as soon as I can. Love you guys!
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Black Beauty
Here you can discuss Black Beauty, and everything like that. The reason I create this is because the forums are MISSING some Black Beauty
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Mark Robson
From the Darkweaver Legacy to the Imperial Trilogy, Mark Robson has brought a wonderful range of novels to this world. Come and talk about his books and any fanfiction that you have seen from these series.
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Willcock & Clarke's Pandemonium Circus
This is a Role play that me and my friend created and i have started writing a book about it :). feel free to join in but be prepaired to follow the rules and please respect me and my friends decisions on the rules.thank you :) p.s. my friend is sparklepixel :)
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Mistmantle Roleply: In the Future
Long after King Crispin and Urchin of the Riding Stars, the island of Mistmantle is being threatened again- by Redwater Isle, where the tyrant king Bloodwrath the hedgehog rules with his queen, Thea. Will you protect your home and be honored as a hero?
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Modern Divine Commedy Forum
A Forum to discuss what to do in the making of the Modern Divine Commedy
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Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
Let's discuss this fantastic book and talk about how utterly mindblowing Nick & Norah are. If you're a guy, you probably wish you were Nick. If you're a girl, you probably wish you were Norah! I wish this book had its own category!
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The Grey Griffins
A place for the Grey Griffins books, if anyone reads them.
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