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Forbidden Love: Slugterra Rp
Slugterra rp. Eli and Twist don't like each other but one night will change that. Nothing will be the same after that. Eli x Twist and Burpy X Loki are the main parings. And there will be some Twist Whump and Mpreg.
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Heroes, Villains, and OC Role Play
Play as your favorite hero, villain, or oc. Heroes and villains can be from any cartoon, anime, video game, etc. as long as the rules are followed. To be able to play some restrictions apply, so this forum is not for everyone.
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Cartoon Party!
IT'S A RANDOM CARTOON PARTY! YAY! .All people and characters from any shows are invited to join!.
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Live in this world of imagination! Be anything! Do anything! RP in this great country!
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Cartoon Categories
Based on frequency and volume of postings, which cartoons ought to have their own categories?
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Random RP Area
a place to rp shows that don't have their own categories
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Sokai's Fanfiction Discussion
Please discuss about any or all of my fanfics I have posted here as my email account is overflowed with various questions about them, and I can't keep up anymore! Discuss any ideas for spinoffs, or ways to improve them, etc, should you like.
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101 Dalmatians: The series
If you're doing a site search on 101 dalmatians look no farther.Here's your forum.
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The Cartoon Tales Of Fanfiction
This is where you can do parodies of the best cartoons off all time
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The Madness Combat Fanfiction Revolution
Okay, as you may all know, Madness Combat is not a very well-known topic. However, this site had just apparently made a category for it under Cartoons-Madness Combat! To make Madness Combat more well-known, I've started a new revolution called the "Madness Combat Fanfiction Revolution" by me and Nikolai247. Read here for more.
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Nostalgia Discuss any show that you remember from
Title says it all. Come in and discuss any and all shows you remember from when you were a kid.
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Scary Godmother RP Spooktacular!
Who DOESN'T remember this classic piece of Cartoon Network Nostalgia? I find that it works as well for adults as it does for kids and felt ashamed when there were no RPs for it. Anything Goes, pretty much, have fun!
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OCT Practicers Comittee
Have you ever wanted to join an OC tourney, but you have no experience? Or maybe you're in one, but you're at a block; you can't decide what happens next. Then come here!
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Captain Simian & the Space Monkeys
If you're a fan of the show "Captain Simian & the Space Monkeys", please do not hesitate to join. ;
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Di-Gata Defenders Universe
After season 2, Rados is back to normal and in peace, Nazmul is gone, Brakus is still The healer and now the Defenders reunite unique peoples to form a second team of defenders while a new evil leader rise in the Order of Infinis the first rp in Fanfiction based on this show, Canons and Ocs are acceptable.
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Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja RP
SMOKE BOMB! What The HEY! Come on YOU! What The Juice! He's so Bruce! That's The CHEESE! Ninja PLEASE! Ninja ROCK DON'T STOP! What the HEY! Come on YOU! Do it NINJA! What The Juice! He's a HERO! Come on FIGHTER! Just a FRESHMAN! And a NINJA!
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Berry Bitty Cuties
What? No Strawberry Shortcake forums?
English - Topics: 1 - Posts: 1 - Since: 11-28-09 - Admin: Shabon Flurry
Blazing Dragons!
Discuss the now off air cartoon. Come chat, everyone is welcome!
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Any VeggieTales fans on the site? If so, here is your forum!
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Class of the Titans: Couples!
Which couples are your fav. and why?
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Class of The Titans
A forum to discuss CoTT and get advice on plots, ideas, new characters, whatever!
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Bonus Stage
For all us Bonus Stage fans.
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You know you love random cartoon too much when
Are you a freak over cartoons? Come and find out! NOTE: Some anime shows are included.
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The Life & Times of Juniper Lee
This thread for Cartoon Network's actionfantasy series The Life & Time of Juniper LeePlease No Flaming or Spamming
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Postcards from Buster
A forum dedicated to the Arthur spinoff Postcards from Buster. Discussion on the show and P.F.B. fanfic ideas are welcome.
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