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The seal of Notheos, continuation
This is a continuation of the FanFiction: The seal of Notheos as well as other random RPs between me and my moderator. The original story is on my profile, I'm continuing this with Kris, Warrior of death.
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Plush and Blood FanForum
If you like furries, action, explosions, mysterious science projects, or all of the above, then this comic, and this forum, is for you.
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Neskaru RP
Neskaru, a planet where mankind has flourished into a scientific age...but governed through fear. A hierarchal alliance who call themselves, The Corporation, rule over humanity with an iron fist, and all who oppose them...die. It's a land without heroes, its' people no hope and its' youth, no future. All that remains from days of tranquility are tales of legendary flying reptiles called, dragons. The funny thing about legends are, sometimes they're true. Dragons rise again to change the course of history.
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The Wotch RP
Welcome To Tandy, a nice little community tucked into it's own little corner of the world. Prepare for wackiness, strange happenings, and ka-girlings galore!
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NEW Earth 6114 Story Forum
The official forum for my new and improved Earth 6114 universe, crossing over Marvel and DC comics in one established universe.
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Comics Unsung
A haven for those who want to talk about slightly more... obscure comics. The comics ignored by the other forums. The comics with no category. Here is their home. Heck, discuss your own comics too, we don't mind. Everyone's invited in. Welcome, welcome.
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Dark Fire Rift Pack
a wolf RP. Join my pack!
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Exo-Force RP
That's right people! Exo-Force is NOT dead! Create a character and hop in for the ride: fight the robots, invent new battle machines, and join Hikaru, Ryo, Ha-Ya-To, Takeshi, Hitomi, and Sensei Keiken to save Sentai Mountain and the world!
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Circles Comic
This Form is for the Circles Comic Written/Drawn by: Scott Fabianek, Andrew French, Steve Domanski and Jay Nungesser. It is basically a Gay Slice of Life with Humor and Drama from a 'Furry Point of View' (As they put it, it is easier to draw Animals than People). It is a very good mostly realistic story dealing with New Romance, Old Loves and HIV. If you are not familiar with it I would suggest Googling it, it is worth it.
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If you are a current or former member of a site that is flooded wih hopper ball pics like deviantart and furaffinity, then this forum is right for you! Tell me if you hail from a hopper ball art site and everything related to that here
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Cracka Smacka
All about the worlds greatest 'Hero'
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Love, Hate, Spontaneous Combustion, ZEBRAGIRL! Long story short, an ordinary girl gets her life changed when her friends brother turns her into a Demon through slamming a tome of evil.
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What do you think?
Tell me what you think about my stories.
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Anyone interested in writing or reading comic stories within the ULTRAVERSE staring THE NIGHT MAN SOLITAIRE PRIME MANTRA WARSTRIKE PROTOTYPE?
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Star Wars Comics Category
I would like to start a C2 for Star Wars comics, but there is no category for them. Does anyone know of a way to get the category Star Wars Comics created? Thanks!
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Slightly Dammed Fans
For fans of the WebComic Slightly Dammed.
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Did anyone like The Spirit?
I'm just curious. I enjoyed it. Thought it was pretty funny. What did you think? I'm surprised it doesn't have its own fanfiction page.
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Its a fckin' miracle Gamzee X Tavros
Tavros broke his wheelchair oh noes ! Luckily Gamzee is there to... Carry him around ;
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Danger Days: RP and die with your mask on if you h
Create your own KillJoy, play one of the beloved original or maybe create a BL/industries worker or a drac. The choice is yours.
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grayson au
a different take on Nightwing
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Future Writing Idea, Ni No Kuni 2 X Accursed Dragon Crossover
Planning on making a Ni No Kuni 2 and Accursed Dragon (Webcomic) crossover. If anyone wants to chat and share reference, Please PM me. (Note, I own neither series, This work is just for kicks.)
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Star's OCs
A forum for me to talk about my OCs...because why not? (this'll probably be a way for me to keep track of bios or something..)
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Sol e Lua
Hoseok passava seus dias em uma completa solidão, apenas ficava observando os pequenos seres humanos á baixo, lá do céu, onde aparentemente ficaria pelo resto de sua vida, pois o mundo não conseguiria viver sem sua luz e calor... Está história é de minha autoria, espero que goste, querido leito. Ass: Uma A.R.M.Y trouxa
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Lethal Protectors
A hero is all way there to protect us from the forces of darkness but will not kill the enemies that leave fear for the innocent. But there are those who are willing to kill to protect from the vile villains. So create your own hero and send me a link, please.
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