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A modern fantasy setting in which magic has returned just in time for the recipients to be immune to a zombie outbreak.
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The Brotherhood: Bonds in Blood
RP as a Assassin, Templar, Merc, Thieve or anything here! It is set in Modern days, Renaissance Italy and of course the Crusades.
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OC Central ' Another RP Forum
Various RP's of all kinds. Please feel free to drop by! *Be sure to read the rules list first* *Majority being Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy/Original Plots*
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Rev's OC Kingdom
RP as your OC/FC or your favorite charas. And if you wanna see your OC/FC on paper, I'm more than willing to draw them :3
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Video Game High
Welcome to VGH! Home of the children of famous video game characters! Come in and make an oc and sign up today!
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Redwood Academy: Working Title
Welcome to Redwood Academy, a prestegious, independent boarding school that resides in the town of New Coventry. Redwood is anything than stellar on the inside; a Headmaster who is rather oblivious and stuck in the old ways from his youth, cliques that all seemingly want to control the school and do not take kindly to those not affiliated with them, and a secret society that tries to keep everything in "order" as they run it. Join today as a Prep, Rebel, Jock, or Vigil.
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Final Bosses Mafia
After a major dispute over many regions, the most notorious bosses of video game history gather together to prove who is the most evil villain of them all. However, a small minority of them decide to work together to defeat the rest of the group and prove they are the best. Will the guilty town survive? Or will the even guiltier mafia kill them off? And what about the other one...? Ratio: 8:3:1
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Like x Love
Do you love otome\ sim dating games? Do you have your own character\ story plot in mind but can't make it into a game? Want people to create and play with you? Well join this forum! Create characters (OCs) or use Fictional Characters! Have fun! Make topics for certain scenes! Enjoy the love
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OC anthroverse
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Let's Play Mafia!
Come here to play Mafia on FFN!
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Warhammer 40,000 Universe RP
Warhammer 40k Rp's for all fans to enjoy! All you need is a character and an imagination!
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Madjins Mates - Fanfic Version
Originally an RP from Googleplus ( Here's a Fanfic version for those who can't be bothered with Googleplus)
English - Topics: 9 - Posts: 109 - Since: 07-28-15 - Admin: CrashandSonic11
Dissidia Final Fantasy RPG
Roleplay in the world of the upcoming PSP game, Dissidia - Final Fantasy!
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The Cursed Forest
A normal forest, at least that's what it seems like until you're lost in it, then the true nature of the forest comes out, you may find out what happened and make things right, but of course if you lose focus then you die, but you never know until you try.
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All Wrapped in one with A Ribbon on it
Title says all. RP any way you want, create any topics you want and most importantly have fun. This shall be for anyone
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Left 4 Dead RP Return
A new RP to restart my L4D RP line. Old Characters and new will return to kill the infected again. Set 10 years post-infection, almost everyone who's left sees that the infected are no longer an issue.
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Mother Three point Five (Private RP)
A private Earthbound/Mother based RP. Please do not ask to join.
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1860s Old America
Set in the American Wild West, the Civil War is about to end with the Union winning but the Confederate keeps pushing, the Indian tribes are facing hardness with the American settlers, and the French is about to lose the war with Mexico. Choose your sides, be anyone, Bounty hunter, soldier, mercenary, you name it. As long as you keep within the rules. Chat, roleplay, anything you want.
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Tendrils of the Night
Some teens have received feelings that draw them to the infamously 'haunted' woods of Echo Hill, their friends have told them to go into the woods, and they have received mysterious notes. On a quiet night, they all respectively creep out of their homes to explore the infamous forest. There is no guarantee to who returns and who doesn't live to see the dawn. Those who do survive will only be haunted... until they return to the woods of Echo Hill again to face their fate.
English - Topics: 5 - Posts: 27 - Since: 09-15-12 - Admin: asphodelii
Day of Zombies RPG
The zombies have risen from their graves world-wide! You're one of the survivors, though there are many more out there waiting for a safe place to come there way, fight your way and salvage what you can. Be a loner or team up with people who could be traitors. Fight for your life or die trying.
English - Topics: 3 - Posts: 22 - Since: 05-07-13 - Admin: MsNutella
Fight School RP
It is the year 3016 we are at war with the Mongolians. so cope with the need of soldiers they have created Fight School. In this school they teach us to fight and how to lead or fallow orders in an army. But they teach us one more thing that every human b
English - Topics: 4 - Posts: 15 - Since: 02-09-12 - Admin: toshiro kida
Hot ShotsMinna noEverybodys fanfiction
If you are a fan of the Hot shots/Minna no golf and tennis series, then come on in! You can discuss your future fanfic projects for the minna no golf or tennis series, or if you got an idea for a Hot Shots/Minna no pairing or couple, then share 'em with u
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Apacolyptic Chaos
The end of the world has come, wiped out by a virus. All that's left, are those who are magical enough to survive. The U.S. is in ruins, and war is about to arise from the East. The dark Raven seeks his prey while the sheep flock to either side.
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Action Replay Forum
I couldn't find one, so I made one! Here you can post action replay codes in their proper forum topics, and chat with other AR users! Everyone's able to make forum topics. PLZ no bad language, don't harass other authors, and don't make meaningless topics. Thank you!
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Video Games Other
Games that don't fit into any genre or you just want to give your favourite a thread to itself!
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