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A modern fantasy setting in which magic has returned just in time for the recipients to be immune to a zombie outbreak.
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Drakan: Flames Rekindled
In a Darkest Age of the lands of Drakan, only old legends of dragons, heroes, and peace soothe the hearts of the weary. The harsh creatures of Drakan threaten all life on all sides. Hope, it seems, is dying a slow death but it is not lost just yet. The legends of an Order hold the key to change, a new fire to light the darkness and show the way. But with shadows on all sides will the people of Drakan even survive long enough to discover old secrets to a new beginning? (Closed but left for memories sake.)
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Private Forum
For Gojirafan237 and me only.
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The Brotherhood: Bonds in Blood
RP as a Assassin, Templar, Merc, Thieve or anything here! It is set in Modern days, Renaissance Italy and of course the Crusades.
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OC Central ' Another RP Forum
Various RP's of all kinds. Please feel free to drop by! *Be sure to read the rules list first* *Majority being Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy/Original Plots*
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In the world, there have always been things lurking at the edges of our society. Just as long as there have been humans, there's also been Them. The occult, creatures, and sometimes justifiably known as monsters. Living life in their own self contained in the world, alongside and with humans with the outliers. Years ago a peace had been enforced, but that time draws to a close as the dark places have started to crawl once again. (Modern Supernatural horror RP with a possible fantasy where people can go ham)
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Rev's OC Kingdom
RP as your OC/FC or your favorite charas. And if you wanna see your OC/FC on paper, I'm more than willing to draw them :3
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Video Game High
Welcome to VGH! Home of the children of famous video game characters! Come in and make an oc and sign up today!
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Persona 5 rp
Idk I'm just trying to make a persona 5 roleplay forum at the quality of DMC99's persona 4 forum.
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Redwood Academy: Working Title
Welcome to Redwood Academy, a prestegious, independent boarding school that resides in the town of New Coventry. Redwood is anything than stellar on the inside; a Headmaster who is rather oblivious and stuck in the old ways from his youth, cliques that all seemingly want to control the school and do not take kindly to those not affiliated with them, and a secret society that tries to keep everything in "order" as they run it. Join today as a Prep, Rebel, Jock, or Vigil.
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Just two pals rping
Just a space for me and a pal - Potential M rated themes beware
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The Curse of Noble Blood
The life of a Noble has responsibility, but it never leaves you wanting. Everyone wants to be in your shoes. But what happens when others like you want more? ...Only time will tell who lives and who dies. Mafia games with characters centered around noble blood.
English - Topics: 8 - Posts: 1,256 - Since: 01-18-16 - Admin: AsteriaKimeNymar
Retro Aid
Like Persona, except with your real self. (PM me to get in.)
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Final Bosses Mafia
After a major dispute over many regions, the most notorious bosses of video game history gather together to prove who is the most evil villain of them all. However, a small minority of them decide to work together to defeat the rest of the group and prove they are the best. Will the guilty town survive? Or will the even guiltier mafia kill them off? And what about the other one...? Ratio: 8:3:1
English - Topics: 9 - Posts: 1,089 - Since: 06-19-15 - Admin: Sir Pig
Like x Love
Do you love otome\ sim dating games? Do you have your own character\ story plot in mind but can't make it into a game? Want people to create and play with you? Well join this forum! Create characters (OCs) or use Fictional Characters! Have fun! Make topics for certain scenes! Enjoy the love
English - Topics: 13 - Posts: 569 - Since: 12-14-12 - Admin: Rurichiyo-chan
Mass Effect Roleplay
((Private RP between Feldt Grace, and Devious Shini Only))
English - Topics: 7 - Posts: 312 - Since: 05-01-18 - Admin: The Devious Shini
Let's Play Mafia!
Come here to play Mafia on FFN!
English - Topics: 7 - Posts: 241 - Since: 11-08-13 - Admin: Cluekid
Nero's Private Playground
A Private Forum
English - Topics: 2 - Posts: 224 - Since: 01-30-20 - Admin: Nero Von Nebraska
Private for SLG and RRR )
Our own playground. 18 NSFW And this is StarlightGlare and ReeReeRogue's private forum. So bog off x
English - Topics: 5 - Posts: 144 - Since: 03-11-18 - Admin: ReeReeRogue
Warhammer 40,000 Universe RP
Warhammer 40k Rp's for all fans to enjoy! All you need is a character and an imagination!
English - Topics: 8 - Posts: 128 - Since: 12-20-09 - Admin: Captain Galenus
Nintendo Gamers Unite!
For anyone who likes video games, especially Nintendo Switch or DS games. So far the topics include Splatoon, Minecraft, and Ninjala. Nintendo fans unite!
English - Topics: 11 - Posts: 127 - Since: 08-03-20 - Admin: The Camouflaged Warrior
Dissidia Final Fantasy RPG
Roleplay in the world of the upcoming PSP game, Dissidia - Final Fantasy!
English - Topics: 6 - Posts: 102 - Since: 11-11-08 - Admin: Komikmaker
Touch the Moon
When Alice Kingsley, a 16-year-old high school junior living in the post World War IV United States, discovered a mysterious girl bleeding out in an alleyway, she should have moved on like she hadn't noticed, but something about her military attire drew her eye. Something about this girl...this girl who now lies in her basement, hiding from the government, with only a high schooler and her friends to protect her. What the hell is going on?
English - Topics: 5 - Posts: 94 - Since: 10-10-17 - Admin: Corvis is in Pain
Cyberpunk RP
The world is broken, bleeding. Technology holds the thin fragments of mankind together - but just barely. Every day people get greedier, meaner, bloodier, and less and less human. Will you help change the world, or will you just watch it fall?
English - Topics: 10 - Posts: 44 - Since: 01-15-20 - Admin: nextier
Mother Three point Five (Private RP)
A private Earthbound/Mother based RP. Please do not ask to join.
English - Topics: 1 - Posts: 39 - Since: 07-17-14 - Admin: kumatakarada
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