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1860s Old America
Set in the American Wild West, the Civil War is about to end with the Union winning but the Confederate keeps pushing, the Indian tribes are facing hardness with the American settlers, and the French is about to lose the war with Mexico. Choose your sides, be anyone, Bounty hunter, soldier, mercenary, you name it. As long as you keep within the rules. Chat, roleplay, anything you want.
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Tendrils of the Night
Some teens have received feelings that draw them to the infamously 'haunted' woods of Echo Hill, their friends have told them to go into the woods, and they have received mysterious notes. On a quiet night, they all respectively creep out of their homes to explore the infamous forest. There is no guarantee to who returns and who doesn't live to see the dawn. Those who do survive will only be haunted... until they return to the woods of Echo Hill again to face their fate.
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Day of Zombies RPG
The zombies have risen from their graves world-wide! You're one of the survivors, though there are many more out there waiting for a safe place to come there way, fight your way and salvage what you can. Be a loner or team up with people who could be traitors. Fight for your life or die trying.
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Fight School RP
It is the year 3016 we are at war with the Mongolians. so cope with the need of soldiers they have created Fight School. In this school they teach us to fight and how to lead or fallow orders in an army. But they teach us one more thing that every human b
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The One 'n' Only Ovi Pets
This Forum is for those who know Ovi Pets. Of course, you don't really have to know the game, but you might feel more familiar if you do. Please, before you do, check that you have a knowledge of the English language and have some basic grammar skills. However, I do know that no one is perfect and accept mistakes, just don't make too many.
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Video Games Other
Games that don't fit into any genre or you just want to give your favourite a thread to itself!
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Hot ShotsMinna noEverybodys fanfiction
If you are a fan of the Hot shots/Minna no golf and tennis series, then come on in! You can discuss your future fanfic projects for the minna no golf or tennis series, or if you got an idea for a Hot Shots/Minna no pairing or couple, then share 'em with u
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Apacolyptic Chaos
The end of the world has come, wiped out by a virus. All that's left, are those who are magical enough to survive. The U.S. is in ruins, and war is about to arise from the East. The dark Raven seeks his prey while the sheep flock to either side.
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Pony Town review: How does it feel to be a background character?
I'll review the free web browser/ mobile game "Pony Town" where it's about your OC living in a community with other OCs.
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Underneath the Metal Sky
Twenty individuals, each with entirely different backgrounds, find themselves trapped inside an enourmous metal dome, filled to the brim with extremely dangerous wildlife. There appears to be no way to escape this sarcophogas-like structure, nor any coherent clues that could possibly lead to salvation. All that can be found are dozens of ruins, some easily dating back to centuries ago, others seemingly recently abandoned. That and miles after mile of patternless biome.
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The Sims' Place
Finally, a place for Sims fans to discuss the game. Do not discuss Woo hoo, or else.
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Sailing the Sea of Thieves
Adventure awaits within the Devil's Shroud, in a mysterious world known only as the Sea of Thieves. Do you love the game but wish that you could give your pirate a proper personality, or craft your own mystical voyages to send your crew on in search of treasures beyond their wildest dreams? Or are you as poor as a bilge rat and unable to afford a console and the game? No matter what your reason, this is your one-stop-shop for piratey perils, skeletal shenanigans, and endless gold and glory!
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Tales of the Cursed
Welcome! Welcome! Are you too cursed by the Fairy Tale Curse? Has a witch found you and you now find yourself lost? Then welcome! Here at the Marchen we don't discriminate. Should you need a hand in breaking the curse you're bound with, you'll definitely be able to find someone to help you at the Marchen. (Cinderella Phenomenon RP)
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Official Star Project Forum
Starproject is a free online otome game in which the manager-You-takes young talent and raises them to be stars. Of course, there is romance involved. Note this isn't the actual official forum! The official forum is located at the site
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Pokemon black and white friend code trade
Pokemon black and white only (not black2 or white2)
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Reject's Refuge
A place for all games and fanfics that were never offered a section of their own to go, such as Battle Hunter, a few games from the Tales series and countless others left to fend for themselves.
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My Active Exploits Scenario Forum!
Used by me and my pals to further our pursuit of fun times and crazy adventures! All scenarios posted must have their rating posted IN THE THREAD TITLE and your 'house rules' posted on the first post!
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The Forum of Druaga
Dedicated to my in-progress fanfic The Tower of Druaga. Also for discussion about the real game series.
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Crazy forum for gamers
This is a fan forum to talk about weird gameing.
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Anything Gaming
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Steel Clash RP
As civil war looms on the kingdom of Trisha, weapons technology increases at an exponential rate. Eventually, it happens and civil war brakes loose on the kingdom. Will you join the Republic? Or will you remain loyal to the king? Influence the war efforts, and remember: Leave no mech unbroken!
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Here you can discuss anything having to do with Rpgs.
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The Age of the Great Guilds
Devoted to LOOM, the obscure 1990 offering from LucasArts.
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MEGA RPG: The RPG that welcomes all characters!
A forum for those who can't write a whole story, or would rather be involved in an ongoing, interactive one. Come on in and play : Our Primary FOcus is characters from RPG games, but all Video Game Characters are welcome.
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