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Alvin and Brittany meet
chapter 1... It was early in the moring and Brittany was just waking up ahhh she streched her arms and look out the window and the sun was shining wake up girl...she said to elenor and jeanette wake up ugh..brittany since when did you like moring so much eleanor asked yea jeanette agreed well since you asked brittany said well i found out we have new neighbor and i kinda cant wait
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Sapphire in the Amazon island: a Looney Tunes and monsters fanfiction
This story is about the Looney Tunes meets the monsters that are all female and males, they all get to know each other and live in peace and harmony. This is Sapphire's story, she is the daughter of Sylvester and Catherine Geist the female poltergeist and has two little brothers. they were going on a vacation in the Amazon and things starts to get spooky and weird.
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It is all about a mother's sacrifice.
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Youton (Xoda x Lectora)
Tu nombre es y eres novia de un famoso Youtuber , Cristián Moreno alias Xoda.
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the boy behind the glasses
"boys with glasses have a wide mind with wild actions"
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Unmached Lu uu
"Luhan seorang yang tidak suka terlalu serius dalam menjalani hubungan. bagaimana jika ia benar-benar terjebak dengan hal yang selalu dihindarinya"
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Falling for my brother best friends
you were the sister of Jake and Logan Paul and they were best friends with the Dolan Twins and you secretly like Grayson
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The Lovely Girl
apa kau pernah melihat gadis secantik dia?/ apa itu sebuah pertanyaan? gk pinter buat summary
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twisted tall of turst
a tall of betrayal of people you thought you could trust most
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Cyberpunk 2077
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BANTUIN GUE AJSKSKJANAJ!-Baekhyun/Belajar ngomong dulu baru minta bantuan-Chanyeol/Bacot njing-Baekhyun. CHANBAEK. YAOI. GAY.
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Billdip Smut one shorts
Just some crappy billdip smut
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Daughter of the moon
Liz Jenkins is a 18 year old girl who lives with human until she finds out she's not a human, what will happen when she is running from the guys who killed her parents? read to find out!
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Mega man X wily
Mega man was sitting on his couch when he heres on the news dr wily made 8 more evil robots. Mega man goes and defeats all 8 robots and makes it to dr wily. Mega then says “You’re going down dr wily!” “AHAHAHAH You think you can defeat me mega man think again” said dr wily. GO TO PART TWO TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT.
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harry potter lost hes head with hes dad
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الملازم آناريون غراي قابل زعيم كين الغامض اللورد آبادون،عندما كان طفلا صغيرا بعد الحكم على والده برتكاب جرائم ضد الإنسانية جريمة والده كانت، انه حاول التحريض على تمرد ضد كين مصاصي الدماء الفضائيين الذين عاشوا في سلام مع الإنسانية في مقابل الدم البشري، اعطى كين الإنسانية تكنولوجيا تفوق تخيلهم، والد أناريون مقتنع بأن هدف كين النهائي هو استعباد البشرية جميعا، لكن بعد لقاء اللورد أبادون، أناريون لم يصدق والده، في الحقيقة هو مطارد من قبل اللورد أبادون،وليس لديه رغبة أكبر من أن ي
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Big ol red flag
A small series of letter about what its truly like to have dyslexia.
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Ravenfield (Custom Lore)
For anyone who is familiar with certain indie game called Ravenfield. This forum my own custom lore and your own lore of all sorts as long as it is acceptable or not.
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His fierce little wolf
Arane was born a wolf and has been on the run for years. When Vilkas first's meets her she doesn't trust him. What will it take for him to gain her trust, and with dangerous people coming after her, will Vilkas be strong enough to protect her?
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Evertale Void
Evertale fans, conjoin and commune! This forum is here for fans of the mobile game Evertale. Here, you can reach out to others, talk about books you’ve read pertaining to the game, talk about the game, its characters, weapons, story and lore! Please use tbis forum only to reach out to others for the sole purpose of any conversation related to this game. There are plenty of softwares that let you talk freely, we ask that you follow this simple rule.
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Fanfic idea's for Me
Give me idea's for fanfics here! I'm mostly into Henry Stickmin and Among Us fanfics, but I'll also write Warrior Cats fanfics. Thank you for entering this forum!
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