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A modern fantasy setting in which magic has returned just in time for the recipients to be immune to a zombie outbreak.
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OC Nation
Here is a nation where OC's may live and start lives with one another, battle in the colloseum to determine who is the greatest fighter of all or take a more subtle path and start a quiet life with another OC, over all please stop by and enjoy yourself
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Video Game High
Welcome to VGH! Home of the children of famous video game characters! Come in and make an oc and sign up today!
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Redwood Academy: Working Title
Welcome to Redwood Academy, a prestegious, independent boarding school that resides in the town of New Coventry. Redwood is anything than stellar on the inside; a Headmaster who is rather oblivious and stuck in the old ways from his youth, cliques that all seemingly want to control the school and do not take kindly to those not affiliated with them, and a secret society that tries to keep everything in "order" as they run it. Join today as a Prep, Rebel, Jock, or Vigil.
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Mother Three point Five (Private RP)
A private Earthbound/Mother based RP. Please do not ask to join.
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Day of Zombies RPG
The zombies have risen from their graves world-wide! You're one of the survivors, though there are many more out there waiting for a safe place to come there way, fight your way and salvage what you can. Be a loner or team up with people who could be traitors. Fight for your life or die trying.
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Genesis: Origins
Freak, Outcast, Monster, Abomination...people shun you, society shuns you, all for one reason...being different. The real reason...the Truth...is because of your gift, or curse, depending on your view of it. The Government fears you...because you have one thing they don't have...Control.
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Dragons of Atlantis RP
Yeah, the first Dragons of Atlantis RP ever. Using both the mobile and facebook versions. Claim the Generals from HOTD as canons. Plot details so far inside.
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Steel Clash RP
As civil war looms on the kingdom of Trisha, weapons technology increases at an exponential rate. Eventually, it happens and civil war brakes loose on the kingdom. Will you join the Republic? Or will you remain loyal to the king? Influence the war efforts, and remember: Leave no mech unbroken!
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