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Sanctuary from the Bothersome
Private forum because the old one went to hell!
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Dimension of the Immortals
This is an RP for my friends and I in a world we created ourselves. Have fun! :D
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The 6 Kingdoms of Perierat
Perierat is the new world order that came about when the continents shifted, creating only four kingdoms which are ruled by the elite families. However, there have been separations which have now created six kingdoms. Private RP, please PM to join. M-rated forum, don't like, don't join.
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Avengers: Slithering Shadows
In the aftermath of Civil War, the Avenger's are fractured and scattered. In between the cracks and shadows of the world, a new danger dances on the edges of the horizon. With the Avenger's scattered, new special's appearing globally, and a new enemy nearly invisible and unknown, the future is uncertain. The genesis to a brave new world has already begun but with the tides ever churning, the safety of Earth is a mystery. After all the brightest of beacons can cast the deepest of shadows across the world.
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A Boy and His Dog RP
Come on in, grab a can of beets, and RP in the world of a classic 1970s film! Invite only.
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