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Sanctuary from the Bothersome
Private forum because the old one went to hell!
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Dimension of the Immortals
This is an RP for my friends and I in a world we created ourselves. Have fun! :D
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Alagos Acres
Alagos Acres: the world's most prestigious stable and riding school, where winners are born and champions are made.
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After the Dark
Twenty four students take place in a simulation, to find themselves in an apocalyptic world. There is a survival bunker but, it can only hold twelve. In each trail the students may try different arch types, to choose which of their fellow students they will send to their death. The students may be logical to overcome the tasks at hand or take a different path, but they must always remember that they have to be ready to face what comes After the Dark. [Based off of the movie: The Philosophers]
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Kill Command: Survivors of Hell
War with Man vs. Machine. The machines built to replace the soldiers but instead, replaced all those that were not machine. Death is upon us, who in this vast wasteland will survive against these almighty beasts? Who can be the last man standing? Who can keep their sanity, no one knows until the end. Everyone has a story, but the question is, Where does yours start?
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Mermaid rp
Make a mermaid and explore the sea. Active rp.
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This role-play is on KikĀ·. My Kik is my username in this, Astro100245. In this exiting Role-play there is two kingdoms, Empire and The Lake Kingdom. Please PM me on KikĀ· for a small bio to both, and the needed bio. You can only be in one at a time.
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