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808 Bronies MLP Roleply
This is a Role Play for the members of 808 Bronies, if you are not a member but wish to join...just let me know in the Join request topic and Ill see what I can do
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Money For Love
In a future where the women outnumber the men, women are bought and sold like property. Create your own harem today! Lemon forum, join at your own risk.
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One Direction
Louis, Harry, Zayn, Niall and Liam are now here in the form of a roleplay : Come and enter their lives, and see what it would really be like :
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R5 Forum!
Come Role Play as an R5 Member! :) It will be Fun! So come Join! :) This is under MISC. TV SHOWS Because R5 has something Called: "R5 TV"
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Let's Talk About Kpop!
Interested in Kpop? Want to catch up on the news and chat with others who are interested in the Hallyu wave as well? This is the place! Fans of any group are welcome!
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Kamen Rider and Ultraman Mania
A place where you cann talk about Kamen Riders and Ultraman
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MyMusic Show RP
This is where you can be in a MyMusic RP. You can choose a main character or add your own.
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Dutch Harbor
A strict rp forum set up for Deadliest Catch. Send a message to my sister or to myself to be involved, please don't just come in and be rude, ask first.
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The Ghost Adventures Forum
The forum to share ideas about the ghost adventure trio we all know and love. Discuss episodes, put up prompts and calibrate with each other on GAC story ideas. Enjoy!
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TV Show Categories
Based on frequency and volume of postings, which TV shows ought to have their own categories?
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JONAS' Tv Show
A forum on the Disney show "JONAS" for any topics/types of discussion.
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The Crossover
Here you can roleplay and chat. It's for all random roleplays too that anyone might like to do. One rule you play the character you registered for the ones i create on the reg. Keep all roleplays away from general apart from general roleplays.
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Pure Horace Mantis Study Hall
Forum for the Pure Horace Mantis Challenges. I realized that my profile was going to be ridiculously long if I kept all the challenges up, so I am going to have the most recent challenge there and archive all the past ones here in this forum.
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Miss the good shows that used to play on Nickelodeon? Want to see them come back? This is a place for classic nick fans to talk about the glory days of Nick both 80's and 90's . Includes link to petition to get these shows back
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JONAS forum chat :D
Come here to talk about anything, not all about JONAS. Is this the first JONAS forum?
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Remember that show?
Come in to discuss those shows that everyone but the fans have forgotten.
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One Direction RP
Wonder what it would be like to be Liam, Louis, Harry, Niall, or Zayn? You've come to the right place!
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Best Brains Board
A board dedicated to Mystery Science Theater 3000 and its staff.
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Traveler Fan Fiction
List of Traveler stories on and and LJ
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Need a beta post here and maybe someone with reply
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Ghost Hunters
If Any one knows of any Ghost Hunters Fics on the web please post a link here.I know I'm not the only one who likes show and would like to writeread some Ghost Hunters T.A.P.S Related stories. I know I'm not the only Fan girl of the show :
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About SYFY's new summer show Alphas, a group human beings with inhuman powers, but human problems.
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BVB BOTDF Role playing
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Henshin Hero Hangout
Forum dedicated to Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, and other tokustasu shows. Get help with your story, chat, maybe some roleplaying. Talk about all the current, previous, and yet to come series.
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Deadliest Catch RPG
For all the Deadliest Catch fans who are looking for a year round RPG, here you go!
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