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Thee's Lemon Roleplay
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Whodunnit?: Iniquitous Intentions
As thirteen unlucky contestants enter Rue Manor, they are faced with a diabolical serial Killer! The secret? The Killer is amongst them and will do anything to kill everyone off one by one! The only way to survive is to solve The Killer's riddles and figure out Whodunnit!
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The Adventure of a Lifetime
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Supernatural, Doctor Who,As Well As Many More Roleplay
This is a forum for Supernatural fans, Doctor Who fans and any others. This is ACTIVE. You can suggest shows that can be added by asking me. But this is for roleplaying, there might be a spot for talking about it to. Read the rules first, seeing as how there isn't that many.
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Private OUAT Roleplay
A private forum for RPing. Please only enter if invited!
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The Islands of Paradise
Welcome to Las Islas del Paraiso. A a collection of small islands in the Pacific. Home to one Volcano, a series of caves, wonderful towns and host to the most beautiful waves in the Pacific. The population on the island or multinational citizens, hailing from different countries of the world. Many are athletes, musicians, artists, and culinary geniuses. But even some people have their problems in the Islands of Paradise
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Dead of Summer
Camp Stillwater has open once more, but who would survive this Summer?
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Larry Stylinson (Roleplay)
Larry Stylinson, I think that's all that really needs to be said. (Bye Elounor shippers) *NO HATING ON ELEANOR, OR ELOUNOR, NO HATE! (ROLEPLAYS!)
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My Love Eundong 사랑하는 은동아
A forum to talk about the show and what you love, or dislike about It :) If It's your favorite drama tell us why! Come In and share your happiness/stress from watching It over again!
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The Corridor
There is a corridor which connects all universes, from the outskirts of Derry to the world of Westeros.
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