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Black Hearts, Bloody Roses
Enter a strange Earth, where creatures of mythology and folklore blend in with the populace, all trying to live in harmony, despite the conflicts between them. Chose from a race that has only been seen in legend, and prepare for anything, in this cold, cruel world, where love and happiness bloom in unlikely places. Live, with Black Hearts and Bloody Roses...
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general fantasy RP. If ur not fun/crazy/hyper or anything lik that, go find another RP! OP fans welcome! if ur not an OP fan...I don't really care. Just cmon in and have a good time! Made 'cause I'm bored! Category 'cause of references and locations.
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Full Moon Rises
*ACTIVE* When a large plot of land is purchased by a werewolf couple, many lycanthropes flock from far and wide to the sanctuary. But will all stay peaceful?
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Sholela! A small country in the middle of nothing where you can drop your favorite OC and play! We accept were-wolves, vampires, fairies, and even space cowboys! Come play with us! :D
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Reaper Academy
ATTENTION: I NEED ASSISTANTS! Alright, now that I have your attention, I am the Grimm Reaper. Yes THE Grimm Reaper. I need you to help me reap souls -yes, even I need help occasionally- Make enemies, friends, or lovers, is your choice. So join...if you're willing to die.
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A place where misfits of all types can come to live, all mythical creatures are welcome here. There are no limits.
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age of dragons
create a dragon or human and jump on in to this RP
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Victorique's Mansion
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Mythical Animal Sanctuary!
Hey, do you have an animal you want to invent? Well, sign this form below and go on! Let your animal powers release, tame a dragon, ride it, and explore never seen before depths and heights! Have fun!
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Our Expanding Mythology
- INACTIVE, left up for archival and memory's sake. :) -
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Coco's Island
A land of Magic and wonder. Various creatures live here some good and some bad. How will you fare? Will you tame a dragon? Or will you fall victim to a vampire or other beast? Come on it and let's get started!
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Creepypasta Land
Creepypastas are internet horror stories that disturb and frighten reader. But what would happen if there was a town inhabited by them? Roleplay as victim or creepypasta
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Divided Conflict (Hibernating)
In a world permanently divided by an age old blood feud; split by long forgotten spite, anger and jealously, how would you cope? would you fight with burning loyalty, try to survive by keeping a low profile or simply sit and watch the world burn? Whether you are a Demon born into darkness, an Angel born into the light or an Earthen born into the earth and waters; you decide your own fate. pick a class, a kingdom. fight or simply try your best to survive. (W.I.P)
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Dunmore Mαχια
This is a land full myths and legends, here you'll find dragons and elves, goblins and wizards, along with humans, plus much more. The Kingdom of Dunmore is either a blessing or a curse to those who find themselves here, but it is also home to many. Come join in this magical world of fantasy and lore, for serious roleplayers only.
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Dragons RP
an RP for all Dragons
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the spirits within
Welcome. Feel free to join this rp where human and other mystical creatures ( elves dwarves whatever) roam and a select few were born containing an elemental spirit inside them granting them great power. So feel free to jump right on in
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Isla del Paraíso (Mythology RP)
Millionaire, Vincent Castro, has recently purchased a large private island for the use of a reservation or 'safe haven' as he puts it. The inhabitants of Isla del Paraíso aren't regular tourists or natives…they're creatures of myth and folklore from across the globe who've sought refuge from human eyes. They have arrived either on their own or by invitation by Castro himself, all in fear of human persecution. It's here where they can all come together and live in peace. The question is, will it work?
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Zombie Role Play
A roleplay set in a zombie apocalypse, no not infected I mean proper zombies.
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Welcome to the the sleepy town of Stokerton, everything seems rather average and boring but there's something much darker to the town than meets the eye...It's populated with Vampires, Werewolves, and any other mythical being there is! The town has mostly kept their secret for quite some time, until they've finally decided to allow Humans into the fray. Join as a Vampire, Werewolf, Mermaid, Pixie, Fairy, or any other type of Mythological creature there may be.
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Greek Mythology RP!
So, this a Rp where you can be the Greek gods and goddesses and make children of them. It's a present day RP. I will have a few Percy Jackson and the Olympians references, but not many. So, come and join! It shall be fun if you like Greek mythology!
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Dissonant Elements
Evil is growing on Earth, as a radical organization of humans begin to gain more power at the expense of others... And when legend becomes reality, what will happen to the planet? Version 2.0 coming soon!
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Vampire Roleplays
A collection of vampires for all of you to enjoy! Some from books, some movies, some made out of the blue! TWILIGHT IS NOT UNDER ANY MEANS A VAMPIRE SERIES!
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Gods, Goddesses, Mortals
A new world is arising and the Gods and Goddesses we have but a few, create your god and be worshiped by all of the underlings or mortals as some may call them. Accepting Gods, Goddesses, and Mortals now.
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Myth world RP
A custom Rp where you are one of four major species and you must choose to either further your species own goals or try to help the commonwealth.
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Creepy Pasta RP
Here you can roleplay as a popular Creepy pasta/urban myth or create your own :D
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