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Vampire Roleplays
A collection of vampires for all of you to enjoy! Some from books, some movies, some made out of the blue! TWILIGHT IS NOT UNDER ANY MEANS A VAMPIRE SERIES!
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Gods, Goddesses, Mortals
A new world is arising and the Gods and Goddesses we have but a few, create your god and be worshiped by all of the underlings or mortals as some may call them. Accepting Gods, Goddesses, and Mortals now.
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The Mythical Beings
This is a Mythology Role-Play where you can make your own Mortal, Demigod/Demigoddess, Creature, or God/Goddess! Please read the rules before Role-Playing! Thank you! It uses Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Norse Gods and Goddesses and different creatures from the Mythology.
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The Long Road
Two powerful rival kingdoms: Thalos and Edenia. The greatest empires of the known world are separated by hundreds of leagues of untamed forest, scorched desert, treacherous mountains and turbulent seas. The sole link between the two nations is an ancient highway, a trade route known as the Long Road. Although a wonder in and of itself, it is the people and places along the worn path that make the journey worth undertaking. And who are you, in this world of fantasy and magic? How will your adventure unfold?
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Myth world RP
A custom Rp where you are one of four major species and you must choose to either further your species own goals or try to help the commonwealth.
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Creepy Pasta RP
Here you can roleplay as a popular Creepy pasta/urban myth or create your own :D
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Mythos High: Becoming a God
No one knows everything, that's why they go to school. This no different for gods and goddesses, so welcome to God School! Make a God, Goddess, and creature from any mythology!
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War of Corruption
A war is brewing in the land of Arundel, the Orc people have begun rampaging and have consumed the land in chaos. During an attack on the human kingdom of Stormguard the king was corrupted by a dark entity known only as The One, few survived the battle, and those that did were forced to flee in order to gather allies to stop this darkness. Faith will be tested, secrets will be revealed, and an old being will be awakened. (Mostly open world RP, based on an old forum I had long ago)
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Closed Rp. You can read it if you want, but no disturbing the flow. Please. If you like it then and wanna say so then post it anywhere else but the writing area. Thanks.
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Mortis and Cosmic
A private forum for me and Wulfmania. Not set in real mythology.
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The Dream Initiative RPG
Welcome to the Dream Initiative. You are a Dreamer. A world is on the verge of disaster. Only you can help save it. As a Dreamer, you have powers that most people can only wish for. May the Currents guide you on your way. Currently on hold
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Glory and Gore: Contemporary Mythology RP
Dead. Was a mythology roleplay set in modern times.
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Revenge of the Wizard
Review responses and comments for Revenge of the Wizard.
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Wiccan RP
Witches are evil according to legend while Wiccans are those who are one with nature as well as the world, which are you? Light or Dark?
English - Topics: 5 - Posts: 43 - Since: 02-04-12 - Admin: xXxAphrodite'sxXxFavoritexXx
Saint Eldritch High
Saint Eldritch High School is a modern training grounds for young spellcasters of all sorts. The born-with-it, the blessed, the studious, the self-made, and the soulbound are all welcome to apply.
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Haunting Tales from the Web
Barry "Ribs" Reapless, after killing his estranged mother who was a cultist, has become a Zalgoid halfa. He is now become a grim reaper to monsters and humans. However, encounters with supernatural and psychopathic creatures are inevitable. As such creepypastas are essentially internet horror stories to fright readers. This is the revamped creepypasta forum.
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Creepypasta RP ( private)
The operator and Zalgo as teens, and how there life went before the big fight
English - Topics: 2 - Posts: 37 - Since: 12-31-13 - Admin: Queen Ki
The Leaves RP
My own world! This is kinda like the PJO series, but it's different. All of the old stories of werewolves, vampires, demons, etc, have survived all these years. They have survived by the stories being told of them. They have to get used the new way of lif
English - Topics: 14 - Posts: 36 - Since: 03-01-11 - Admin: Skulll
Dark Side of Nowhere (Creepypasta RP - OPEN AND ALWAYS ACCEPTING!)
Welcome to the frightening, humorous, exhilarating, blood-rushing world of Creepypasta! This is an open-story rpg where you can play a pasta, a proxy, or even a human! Meet other people in the fandom and have fun playing with all things creepy. And don't forget to spread the word... (OCs welcome!)
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Werewolves & Vampires & Orcs Oh My
Monsterverse RPG, a place where you can roleplay as a monster or maybe romance a monster that has captured your heart {{ anything goes in the Monsterverse }}
English - Topics: 6 - Posts: 18 - Since: 07-30-18 - Admin: Bilbo Baggins Is My Hobbit
Slender Man Mythos
I don't see many forums on here that are dedicated to Slendy, so... welcome! :D
English - Topics: 5 - Posts: 17 - Since: 09-16-12 - Admin: ErinnMellas
Mythology RP
An RP set in a place without humans where 'mystical' creatures reside. All types accepted from werewolves, shapeshifters, dragons, and succubi to sirens, kelpies, and faries.
English - Topics: 1 - Posts: 16 - Since: 10-07-09 - Admin: Bara Ichimaru
Clash of the Pantheons RP
All the various mythologies meet here! RP as gods, mortals, demigods, hosts, and many other things. Join in the mayhem!
English - Topics: 5 - Posts: 15 - Since: 04-12-12 - Admin: Silver Uranium
Demigod World RP (Under Construction)
I'm building an RP based on a post apocalyptic world inhabited by demigods of all different pantheons; Greek, Egyptian, Norse, Japanese, Mayan, Chinese, Hindu, etc. SMITE players welcome/recommended/needed.
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Japanee Fox mythology
Its a Kitsune role play, you can be any type of fox, any color, even acents, No profanity. Just have fun with it!
English - Topics: 4 - Posts: 7 - Since: 05-04-12 - Admin: Saki Kikkio Ohayashi
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