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Animal Spirits (Shapeshifter RPG Forum)
A missing link in the human evolutionary chain has been discovered; men and women who can change themselves into beasts, and needless to say, the less powerful species is not very pleased. War has broken out, and you need to decide which side you are on.
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Marsetta's Shtuff
Just a place for me to put up words. Feel free to comment your own words. Need help hashing out a story? Need a place to rant? Create a thread for it and have at it!
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New Fortland
The Pillowfort, where hot chocolate is the national drink and every day is a snow day.
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For whoever is bored
this is just something that i'm doing because i want to find out what it is... i think its a chat room thing but whatever just join or come or whatever it is! and you don't have to have parodies or spoofs just come i'll figure it out... hopefully... oh an
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Incoherant Babbling
What's you favorite show, movie etc. and how would YOU parody/spoof it?
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The Very First and Most Likely Only Forum For P&S
Here, you can discuss about you Parody fic and stuff. Not really a main topic. You can talk about anything.
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Fans OCs Needed for Survivor: Fans vs Favorites 2
I am planning on a Survivor Fans vs. Favorites 2 where i take 10 Ocs against 10 of their favorite past Survivor players.
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Red vs Blue: Misadventures through Space and Time
Based off the popular web series, come join in on all the fun and action! Mysteries, Freelancer agents, comedic dialogue, lazy subordinates, and easily agitated de-facto commanders are all welcome. OC's welcome and encouraged!
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