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The Freelancer Collaboration Roleplay
The roleplay forum for those interested in RPing in the same universe as our Freelancer Saga fics! New writers and characters accepted, so come on, chill out, and RP with some of the writers from Phase One: Genesis and its sequels!
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The Red vs Blue Review Crew
We went decoy Jew-ing, interrobanged York and all we got was this stupid forum.
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Red vs Blue Roleplay!
Hey I made a rvb rp forum! Come in and enjoy yourselves! Oc's and Canon's welcome!
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Red vs Blue: Shadow Element RP
Long after the events of RvB, someone has decided to recreate the freelancers out of new recruits, but they won't be without enemies. [FORUM CLOSED AND CONTINUING AS THE RvB PROJECT GAIA RP]
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Before Red vs Blue
Before Red vs Blue, there was Project Freelancer. But the show only showed us so much and left the rest to our imagination. So why not RP the early history of PF? Claim a canon or make an OC to join this awesome RP and go on missions and embark on other adventures as a member of Project Freelancer or maybe even one of their enemies.
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Blood Gulch New Crew
Yep, they're back. With more people. Beware the horror! This is a privateish rp so yeah...
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The Freelancer Collaboration
Welcome to the Freelancer Collaboration, where we're going to create THE greatest RvB fanfic out there, detailing the origins and beginnings of the mysterious Project Freelancer. Before there was Red vs Blue, there was Project Freelancer.
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red v blue
its red v blue all the time...but there is one difference: the freelancers are up to us to make
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Red vs BlueProject FreelancerRecovery One Forum
Discuss anything...EVERYTHING Red vs Blue, Project Freelancer, or my personal favorite Recovery One. Maybe Roleplaying if people want to. Anyone welcome.
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RvB the Basically Pointless Chronicles
Here Chronicles the tales of some bottom of the barrel freelancers and the SIM troopers they're only marginally more respected than.
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Reds and Blues RP
Set Post-Revelation, Pre-SE9. A Red Army Private and Medic barely escape death in Isolation. They find themselves in Valhalla with some strange new teammates. {PRIVATE/CLOSED RP}
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Red vs Blue: Project Gaia RP
25 years after the end of the Shadow Element RP, a new generation of Freelancers are ready to kick ass. [ACTIVE AS OF 10/24/20]
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Red vs Blue: The best roleplay ever, of all time
The Spartan Company "Red vs Blue Universe" 's official forum roleplay, if you want to join please don't hesitate to fill out an application, thanks mates!
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Project Freelancer
Set in the glory days of project freelancer. Make an OC, pick a state and be a badass super soldier!
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Red VS Blue Role Play
Someone has decided to restart Project Freelancer again...You are the recruits that will become our best agents...
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red vs final fantasy
ideas for a new crossover staring red vs blue and final fantasy XIII
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Under wise advisement, and my recent discovery how to do this HUZZAH, I made a 25 question MEME for RVB just for the funzies, so please feel free to take part and do it if you wish so I could see other results
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Project Freelancer (States and Capitals) Inyies and more role play
Please become approved by creating your character in the character creation topic of you wish to be an agent, cannon, or elite insurrectionist character. You can role play as a recruit or a temporary character if you do not want to create one :D Events will be allowed to be given out by moderators, everyone is welcome to join. This is project freelancer, with a bit of a twist. we have states and capitals instead of just states to try to give more people a chance to role play as an agent.
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For Writing
Mindlessly staring at the RPGs in this section, wishing there was a place where all the writers could gather and exchange notes, so here it is. Come on in and bounce ideas, ask burning questions or just take a look at what everyone's working on! We're only too happy to help.
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Seeing as most of the RvB forum topics are in the Halo Catagory, I figured this should go here. Welcome to Project Freelancer. Please state your name, and you may have access to the facilities here.
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RvB Nevada's Story
For me and a friend! You can look but not post!
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Red vs Blue discussion Forum
A place where Red vs Blue fans come to discuss topics, roleplay, or just chat in general.
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A Dragon Bond
The first bond between humen and dragon. With this comes battles even with those who may love you.
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RVB Roleplay
A Red vs Blue Role play taken place maybe somewhere after season 13 first main plot-(More to be explained inside) The director has a rival who gets info on projectfreelancer and creates copies of them as well as the Alpha.
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Red vs Blue: Ominous Gazette
This is all about Red vs Blue and the possibilities presented for writing good, well thought-out stories and brainstorming ideas for a new one, i.e the Blood Gulch Chronicles. (Note: stories solely centered around random promiscuity between characters will not be accepted) Join if your curiosity demands it. I guarantee it'll be worth the trouble.
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