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A forum used for the sake of a few role-plays involving monsters inspired by the SCP universe. [PRIVATE - INVITE ONLY]
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Welcome to the SCP. All personnel must be aware of what goes on within the facility and all new SCPs must be under constant watch. We wouldn't want another breach…
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SCP: the roleplay
Don't we all love the mysterious objects and creatures known as the SCPs? Well, now you can BE one! Or an MTF, a Class-D, a researcher... there's tons of possibilities! Join now, and experience the epicness that is the SCP foundation!
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SCP The Monsters Within
Welcome to the highly classified SCP Foundation, we are looking forward to you working with us Mr. or Ms. [Insert Name Here]. You will become a vital role in helping to defend and obscure the world from the realities of these specimen and of the chaos they might cause. Don't worry, you'll be just fine as long as you have the proper common sense to keep yourself alive.
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The SCP Foundation RP
The SCP Foundation is a covert, privately owned organization whose personal mission is to protect mankind from the eldritch, unexplained, and anomalous. This RP Forum consists of the lives and experiences of those who work for the SCP Foundation, specifically within SCP Containment Site 561.
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Deep in the woods behind a nowhere town local legend tells of a old military bunker. Few kids ventured into that bunker. besides the few that didn't make it out because of reasons like getting vicious cuts from sharp old chunks of metal and other reasons one kid says he found a door in there looking brand new. The legend starts to twist here but the few details consistent between stories is there was a logo and the words scp foundation SITE-88. This is the story of what was behind that door
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