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Star WarsSailor Moon Crossovers
Talk about your favorite Star WarsSailor Moon Crossovers
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cute couple serenaseverus!
dedicated to the c2 i am staff of! love em? hate em? tell ,e what you think!
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SailormoonGundum Stories
Vote and discuss your favorite couples, least favorite, ideas and what if stories.
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Fanfic Challenge
I was thinking about it, and I would like to see a Bleach sailor moon crossover starring Pluto and Venus. I know that is a bit farfetched and weird but I can sort of see it happening. What do you guys think?
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The lunar queen and her dragon
I challenge someone to write a Sailor Moon Fruits Basket story! The pairing being Hatori and Queen Serenity...
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Unnoticed Stories of Heart
Do you have a story that just won't get the reviews it needs? So unheard of that it goes by the way side, forgotten by time? If you would like to get your story reviewed by people, then come to here and chat with us.
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Sailor Moon CrossOvers
Does anyone know where are some good Sailor Moon Cross-overs at? I have been reading Sailor Moon cross-overs since I was 16 and I can't find any good ones lately.
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Should there be a separate catergory for HPSM?
I'm just curious, because Gundam Wing, and Dragonballz have a separate category based on crosses with Sailor Moon, that it seems to me that we need to clean up the Sailor Moon X-overs, there is just so many Harry Potter/Sailor Moon.
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Quality Sailormoon Crossovers
Please feel free to recommend stories for the C2 community here. All stories will be reviewed by the staffs prior to posting. I hope that this forum can become a place where writers can openly share ideas, comments, criticisms regarding their writing.
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Sailor MoonYGO
What happen to all the the good YGo/Sm fanfic out there. And what is with all the lame oc?
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Writing Through the Ages
Have you ever thought what would make a good fanfic or one-shot or maybe even a bad fanfic? You tell us what you think! Maybe even discuss story ideas that you're interested to read or write or maybe even planning looking for a beta. And you can even disc
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If BLEACH & Sailor Moon were crossed
Who would you pair together? I'm just looking to see if there are any BLEACH/SM fans. -
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All about Hotaru!
A place to talk about Hotaru Tomoe!
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sailormoonroll play
roll play who ever you like even if someone is them to but dont for get to put there name in.
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Sonic Moon Talk!
Again, title says it all...
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