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Circus Freaktastia
Once upon a time, there was a land called The Enchanted Forest. In this land, magic ruled, and all of your favorite characters roamed free. Although there were some whose stories have never been heard.. including those of the Circus Freaktastia. PRIVATE Once Upon a Time/American Horror Story Inspired RP.
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SPN Furry Rp
Supernatural furry rp
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What the frell did you do this time erpman!
I'd like to hear any of my reader's ideas about where to send John next. I find it very fun to imagine situations, try it you might like it and if I like the idea I will happily write it into the fic: and give you credit for it. Add detailsbe specific.
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OneShot Story Requests for Sokai to tackle
If ever you've had a story idea but either never wanted to write it, yourself, or felt you could, OR had a story challenge for another writer to complete, look no further.
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A Thin Veneer' and A Universe of Change Commenatry
Hey there: This is the essential forum for 'A Thin Veneer'. Here is where you can express your comments and get a chance to discuss stuff with the authors of both stories and each other. Have fun and please keep the language clean.
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Dark Angel Crossovers
like da crossovers? got a challenge for one? or just read a really good one and want to let others know about it? then this is the forum for you. so please come and post your comments. formerly in the dark angel category.
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Jason Bond's TV Crossover Novel Projects
This forum will be used to discuss my crossover fan fiction novel projects, Thirteen and Crossing Lines.
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Hidden Destiny Commentary
Here you post your comments and discuss anything you like about the Story.
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My Storyverse Forum
Discuss things that are occuring in my storyverse's. Suggest things that you would like to have happen or even ask me a question!
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The House of Insane
Here you can discharge your hate against me! Noholdbarrelsgrudgematches are allowed, everything is forbidden all is allowed, the law of the New Aeon THELEMABARBELITH is made HERE!
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I thought it would be interesting to create a Forum to discuss all about my fan fiction so here it is: Comment about anything you want, come with ideas or discuss with me what you think is working in the story or isn’t working much.
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Adventures of the New White Ranger
Hey guys i'm doin a story based on Power Rangers it's called adventures of the white rangerso check it outand leave comments if you like them.
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Mountain King's Stargate DrWho crossovers
I've quite a few SG DrWho crossovers around here. I've hinted in my review replies that there is something big on the horizon. Here's where you ask and I might answer just what is going on!
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Hang out wDragonlots
A safe place for anyone wishing to go on into pro writing and wanting advice, fans of my stories, anyone I am/have Beta read for, writers needing reassurance, or Christians desiring Christ centered FF. Drop in and visit!
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Pokemon x Hunter Hentai part one
A perverted series of pokemon mixed in with hunter x hunter.
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