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Vocaloid RP! YAY!
Role play your favorite Vocaloids, Fan-loids, & even your OC! PM me or post a message if you have a particular PV music video that you want to rp & for which characters. GREATLY APPRECIATED if you please do not use profanity & mature content, pm if must.
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PutinP series
This is the place where we can talk about Putin-P series. Together, let's solved this series!
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Vocaloid Roleplay for Vocaloid Roleplayers
Simple. It's a vocaloid roleplay. You can claim any vocaloid or Utau character or create you're own.
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Iced Sake
That's right; at long last...KAIMEI ! People love/like the pairing or just hate KaiMiku...or Miku in general , COME ON IN !
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Come on join I don't bite. Please keep things T please. And PM me if you have any concerns. ... Want a real plot? It not to die so easily? WELL COME ON! :) I don't bite much . 1-1 allowed along with groups rps.
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AmutoCutie66 and red258's RinxLen forum
IDK nobody else besides us is aloud :
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Vocaloid Pairings What are your favorites?
A forum to talk about different Vocaloid fan pairings. Talk about pairings you like, ones that you don't like, and ones that make completely no sense to you.
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Voca RP Time
Calling all Vocaloid RP people! Create your own OC's too! Come join in because there'll be a ton of varied RPs here! It's Voca RP Time!
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Vocaloid is Awesome!
If you LOVE Vocaloid, GO HERE! .
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Vocaloid Headcanons!
Think Meiko only drinks on Fridays? Luka is a tsundere? Share your headcanons with everyone else here!
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Vocaloid RP!
Well, this is a place where you can roleplay Vocaloids! You can use your OCs, the cannons, whatever! Vocaloid, UTAU, heck, if you want you can be one of the Rainbow Vocaloids!
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Forum pour ceux qui aiment Rin et Len ou autres
J'ai constater qu'il n'y avait pas de forum français alors j'ai eu l'idée, en ce Samedi 7 juillet 2012 à 02h06 du matin "me demandez pas ce que je fous à cette heure" de creer ce forum pour les français. Naturellement, toutes les autres langues sont acceptés ;
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Café Vocaloid
Un lugar para distenderse de los fanfics, compartir opiniones con los demás usuarios y hablar sobre el programa de sintetizador de voz, Vocaloid/UTAU/Fanmades.
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Song Sharing
Share songs with other people! Do you know a lot of unappreciated songs? Are you looking for certain types of songs or songs by a certain singer? Look no further! Feel free to join and ask for songs or help someone find songs. Please check out the rules topic before you begin. Enjoy !
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Vocaloid and UTAU Discussion
I decided to start my own Vocaloid forum, so here it is. Anyone is welcome to chat. Here is general discussion on the Vocaloid franchise. Have fun! :D
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Vocaloid UTAU RPG
This is a vocaloid RPG. Be a canon character of vocaloid or UTAU or you can be a vocaloid OC. I know there's a lot of these but none of them seemed to continue. Please enjoy
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Vocaloid Roleplay!
Another Vocaloid RPG! You can be a Canon, a UTAU, or your own OC! Start RPGing now!
English - Topics: 2 - Posts: 22 - Since: 12-24-14 - Admin: IcyCold
Vocaloid Roleplayers : D
All vocaloid roleplayers and fans are welcome w
English - Topics: 1 - Posts: 21 - Since: 02-21-09 - Admin: A Whimsical Dream
Vocaloid Own Character RP
Another Vocaloid RP, OC's only please! Sign up and have fun!
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The Know-It-All's Footnotes - Naty's Corner
One day, a procrastinating know-it-all decided to start a forum. Join me, Naty17, as I write about my suggestions, my opinions, and well, writing! This blog will contain tips and advice from someone who's been there before and for far, FAR too long... From a list of what to do/not to do, free story ideas, tips to prevent writer's block and more, I'm (almost) sure it's worth a click or two! Come join the fun! (Or keep scrolling if you want... you don't know what you're missing until you click ! ;D)
English - Topics: 5 - Posts: 19 - Since: 10-11-14 - Admin: Naty17
Vocaloid Roleplay - Programs?
Us 'Vocaloid' are only programs manipulated by humans? Are you going to fight back or just stay the program you are?
English - Topics: 5 - Posts: 18 - Since: 07-09-13 - Admin: Twinny
Vocaloid Big Fans
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Vocaloid Roleplay
Come claim your voclaoids,make your OC's, Come up with ideas and we'll all start an RP hopefully it will be somewhat "OK" sorry I stink at summarys.
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Yamaha Academy--Vocaloid OC RP
This is a place to RP with your OCs! Hang around school, hangout with friends, do something spontaneous! Have fun RPing!
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An OPEN roleplay forum for VOCALOID OCs! Isn't that awesome! :D ((UTAUloid characters can be accepted as well!))
English - Topics: 2 - Posts: 12 - Since: 02-06-14 - Admin: Moujival
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