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Vocaloid Couples RP
Have a favorite Vocaloid couple? Do you want to RP them until your fingers bleed from typing? Any pairing, any gender, any age rating, yaoi, yuri WHATEVER you want! Find a partner and RP away! :D
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Vocaloid General Discussion
For anything vocaloid related, be it favorite songs or favorite pairings. All vocaloid fans are welcome, please stop in and post something! XD
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Vocaloid Roleplays
Just a bunch of Roleplays all mashed into one forum! How awesome is that? Any kind of Roleplay you wanna do, add it! Ask me if the Roleplay can be entered in the Questions box, and I'll make it. OC's allowed!
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Vocaloid on Tour RP
It's a Vocaloid RP! Be a canon character or make your own cuz that's always fun!
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Vocaloid, UTAUloid, and others! Roleplay D
Hi there! This Role-play forum is for everyone! All Vocal synthesizers are allowed! Fanloids are welcomed here as well! Please enjoy and Role-play to your hearts content!
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Dark Millennium
Create your own Vocaloid...Claim Originals...In this Rp you have to defeat The Demon Lord to make peace in the world.Before everything is e on I know you like these kinds of things!
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A Vocaloid RP of Epic Proportion
A converging of multiple roleplays, all centered around our favorite Vocaloids. Come in and join the fun!
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We're gonna do an RP! OCs Welcome!
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The Vocaloid House
Tee hee! Welcome to the house of vocaloids! Anyone can role play here with their fave vocaloids! Have fun making your own stories with the help of dialouges! Have fun! And be kind! OCs accepted.
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Join in! Vocaloid is like the bestest thing ever! Come on and have fun with your OC or your favorite vocaloid character!
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VOCALOID RP and talkytalk :3
See title. xD lols anyways, an RP and place to talk 'bout VOCALOID.
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OC Roleplay!
Add your O.C, or RP as a Vocaloid, make/pick a topic, and go crazy!
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Make up your own Vocaloid!
If you want to make up your own vocaloid and be in RP this is the place to be!
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Heat Haze ProjectKagerou Project
I like the Kagerou or Heat Haze Project a lot so Im makin a rp.Originals and canons are welcome.Have fun!
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VoCaLoId: Everything and Anything, plus: rpg
Welcome Vocaloid fans! Love Vocaloid? Then you've come to the right place! Talk about your fav vocaloids and pairing! Anything and everything! Ocs are welcomed!
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Vocaloid Ships
Are you a die hard MikuxKaito fan? Want to rip out the eyes of the aforementioned fans because you think Kaito is so much better with Len? Or do you prefer Len with Rin? No matter what your ship, come here to debate, sigh, and lament about how there reall
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I less than 3 LEN
Come on. I can't be the only one, right? So anyway, I have no idea what is a forum because I have never even participated in one before. But I realised that Len has NO FAN CLUB on this site. This is unfair! So I made this! Because I think it's better than a community...anyway. I LOVE LEN. FOREVER AND EVER. Kthxbai.
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The Roadroller Patrol
We're just a group who wants to make the Vocaloid Fandom a better place. Chat with us, meet new friends, and get to know more songs! Don't worry, we won't squish you with the roadroller.
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Vocaloid RPers, and Vocaloids Lovers!
Anyone with a Vocaloid RPC or their own Vocaloid , or just loves Vocaloids can join! Lots of randomness and fun! Sing whatever you like, too!
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Vocaloid RP
An RP with vocaloid and UTAUloid. because all others seem to be dead.
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UTAUloid General Discussion
For anything UTAUloid related, be it favorite songs or favorite pairings. All UTAUloid fans are welcome, please stop in and post something!
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Vocaloid RP! YAY!
Role play your favorite Vocaloids, Fan-loids, & even your OC! PM me or post a message if you have a particular PV music video that you want to rp & for which characters. GREATLY APPRECIATED if you please do not use profanity & mature content, pm if must.
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PutinP series
This is the place where we can talk about Putin-P series. Together, let's solved this series!
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Vocaloid Roleplay for Vocaloid Roleplayers
Simple. It's a vocaloid roleplay. You can claim any vocaloid or Utau character or create you're own.
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Iced Sake
That's right; at long last...KAIMEI ! People love/like the pairing or just hate KaiMiku...or Miku in general , COME ON IN !
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