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Vocaloid High
Welcome to Vocaloid High. There's no telling what happens here. Once you're in the drama, there's no way out.
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Twilight Mash-up Role play
Twilight rp :-D all species are welcome! made-up or otherwise. Other characters from other fandoms are welcome. This is a very flexible role play with not many rules. pwease come see. (After breaking dawn)
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(Haitus) Vocaloid Roleplay!
Basically what the title says! One big roleplay for Vocaloids, Utaus, and OCs. Anyone can join!
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Romantic Vocaloid RP
Forum focus on Vocaloid RP. And each RP must have some romance. All couple are allowed : yuri, yaoi and hetero. Play any Vocaloid (or Nico Nico Singer) that you want, demand any paring and rp as much as you want.
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Music is my Heart: A vocaloid couples RP Fourm
I know that there is a forum like this already but please join anyway!
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Come on join I don't bite. Please keep things T please. And PM me if you have any concerns. ... Want a real plot? It not to die so easily? WELL COME ON! :) I don't bite much . 1-1 allowed along with groups rps.
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Welcome to Vocaloid Mental Institution, where you can be a doctor, a patient, or a security guard.
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Voca RP Time
Calling all Vocaloid RP people! Create your own OC's too! Come join in because there'll be a ton of varied RPs here! It's Voca RP Time!
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Vocaloid Roleplay!
Another Vocaloid RPG! You can be a Canon, a UTAU, or your own OC! Start RPGing now!
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Vocaloid Roleplay - Programs?
Us 'Vocaloid' are only programs manipulated by humans? Are you going to fight back or just stay the program you are?
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An OPEN roleplay forum for VOCALOID OCs! Isn't that awesome! :D ((UTAUloid characters can be accepted as well!))
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High school rps
does any one want to rp it's my first time so I'm not that good.
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Vocamaf Roleplay
This is based off the classical mafia games- you get assigned a role and a Vocaloid by random, and then you play working with your fellow roleplayers in a battle of mafia versus village along with the third party. Mafia kills each night and tries to outnumber the village, village tries to lynch, or hang, all mafia, and third party roles each have different requirements to win. Who will win? That's up to the game to decide. Full explanation inside, along with a role list.
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Vocaloïds Yuri Mansion
Bienvenue sur ce forum français pour les fans de Yuri et des Vocaloïds ! Parce que l'anglais n'est pas à la portée de tous, ma camarade et moi même avons décidé d'ouvrir un forum ! Wouhou ! Bref, on espère qu'il y aura des roliste ! Enjoy !
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Vocaloid Hatsune Miku Costume
There is no denying that the (Vocaloid Hatsune Miku Costume- www . eshopcos . com) really becomes a popular cosplay craze at present and would be an evergreen image in the eyes of her numerous zealous fanatics. Do you love this character? Order now and cosplay your favorite character!
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Original Character RP
Here, we embrace all kinds of OCs (including Vocaloid OCs) and RP as long as your heart desires! Yaoi, yuri, any ratings, whatever you wish and RP away!
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Broken RP
An RP forum for anything depressing, creepy, and Vocaloid-related. Based off of askmissmayu's Broken AU.
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Vocaloid Roleplay OCs always welcomed
come roleplay as your oc or a vocaloid!
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Juegos de Rol: Vocaloid
Al que quiera entrar es bienvenido, ya que este foro fue creado para todo aquel que le gusta vocaloid :D, también pueden entrar y dejar sugerencias de que tipo de juegos Rol les gustaría n n
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