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TOME Mafia
The usually lovely (if largely unheard of) Terrain of Magical Expertise is being plagued by a hacker mafia! ZOMG! Each day the town must choose to lynch someone; but how do they know who to trust? Also there's a neutral... actually, you guys know the drill by now. So, uh, yeah, sign up to play. (No noobs, but I'll let Meph in anyway...)
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Ridgewell High School is known for its fast spreading rumours. So when someone starts a blog dedicated to outing people's secrets, everyone becomes paranoid that theirs will be next. This is inspired by a fanfiction on a fanfiction from the web shows category.
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Flight 1313
The most recent plane to land in the forest filled with Cannibals and Mutants alike. Can you survive the forest? Private The Forest RPG, PM for an invite. Lemon forum.
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YouTube Roleplay
Pick a YouTuber or create your own. Then, join the world of YouTube.
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Youtubers roleplay
You can roleplay as a youtuber or make an OC youtuber.
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Another Youtube Roleplay
Roleplay as a Youtuber or create your own OC youtuber!
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Now, That's Scary
It's getting cold. It's getting late. I see you sitting there, in your house., reading this. I can feel your stare. And I know you feel uncomfortable but now you must beware. But don't you look. Just read this. She can smell your fear. She's there watching you. And if you listen you will hear her that she is coming near. But don't move just sit still and let her whisper in your ear... 'Join the RP'
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I'm a Survivor
Discussion between the rarely-found fans of Escape the Night of YouTube Red/Premium on FFN. May include shipping, debates, headcanons, AU discussion, etc. Please PM me if you are interested in joining and haven't received an invitation yet. Though I warn you, as we all know in EtN, invitations are the beginning of suffering…and only the strongest, smartest ones can Escape the Night…
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The Amazing Forum Is Not On Fire
Citizens of the Internet, your attention please... presenting the first Fanfiction forum focused entirely on Dan (danisnotonfire) and Phil (amazingphil)! Challenges, competitions, chatting, shipping, roleplay, and special events all happen here. NEW FORUM, MEMBERS and MODS WELCOME.
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Dan and Phil rp
Come to as your favorite British YouTubers Dan and Phil. You can rp Phan or no Phan it is up to you
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Everything CaptainSparklez
Are you a big fan of the famous Youtuber Jordan Maron, AKA CaptainSparklez? If so, then this is the place for you! With a wide variety of topics from Sparkly Writing Challenges to SparkAnt Discussion, this is Everything CaptainSparklez!
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Buckle up, Creampuff: A Carmilla RP Forum
This is a role play forum for the Carmilla web series. AUs and OCs welcome! Come join us.
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YouTube Chat
This is where all of you YouTube fans can some and talk about your favorite YouTubers and introduce people to new ones that they haven't seen.
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The Slenderverse
Discuss and promote latest vlogs or stories, from Marble Hornets and beyond! For the people, by the proxies, from the Slenderman. Calling all Slenderman fans and newcomers.
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-- Biggest Achievement Yet -- RoosterTeeth Roleplay
Come here and play your favorite person, make your own, be in the weekly AHWU, and much more! I wanna see if people are actually interested in this :)
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For the fandoms
A place for fans to discuss and debate their favourite YouTubers, as well as introduce some that they believe deserve more recognition. Mainly discussion, possibly RP's in the future.
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YouTuber Roleplay
Here you can roleplay as your favorite YouTuber!
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TOME: Terrian of Magical Expertise
Rping with TOME: Terrian of Magical Expertise settings.
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smosh talk for all the smoshers
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Headphones: The Forum
HEY THERE STEPHARMY! This is my gift to you guys, and I'm asking for you to submit characters. Full explanation inside.
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Youtuber RPG
Make a Youtuber/Pick a Youtuber and RPG away!
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All Things YouTube
Your destination for all the best roleplays, chats, contests and everything else! Please read 'Introduction' before posting.
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Tobuscus Fanbase
This is for all of you who like to write Tobuscus stories or read them! Post your topics now!
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YoutubersOC Rp
In this Rp, your OC can pair with your favorite youtube character. Also, to add to the awesomeness, you get your own topic and can invite people over to it!
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Characters that should be added here!
Sure there is Smosh and Fred in the add character option but have you seen Tobuscus or Ijustine in the add character button? Here you can put the youtuber/webshow you want and why. On a date, we will email fanfiction and tell them to put them on the add c
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