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Wrestling Collision RolePlay
You think you have what it take to be a Superstar in WWE/TNA? Well come find out, work your way to the top and see./Closed/
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Wwe Rp
Have fun rping with your wwe oc's and or claiming someone
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Fierce Xtreme Wrestling(FXW)
A new breed of wrestlers as well as some well known take part in a new promotion that promises to go extreme and to have the best wrestling ever. Let's see your wrestler, be male or female to beyond the limit to reach the extreme brass ring!
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Lions Roar Pro-Wrestling RP
A new wrestling show! Where all fighters are welcome to test their skills in the ring for the chance to win titles, fame, and glory. A roleplay forum - I would really hope to go for something with a Lucha Underground feel to it, So gritty and lacking kayfabe, would prefer it to be OC focused to also give it that indy up and coming stars feel.
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The WWE Experience!
Ever wondered what it would be like to be a Superstar in the WWE? Come on in and let's find out! Create your own character or take control of an existing Superstar/Diva!
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WWE and TNA: Clash of the Companies
This is the ultimate epic battle between WWE and TNA. Create your character or claim a wrestler.
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Extreme Smashdown Wrestling RPG
WWE/WWF And other wrestling companies been competing for years. Now an new wrestling company had appeared. Now they have to compete with them to. Will ESW come on top and will WWE/TNA will stop them or will WSW win the battle or war?
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The Arena Of Gods
Heroes, Mad men, Monsters, Gods...all are called to the temple of war, to do battle for the masses. The call has been sent out. All that matters, is if you answer it.
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WWE Roleplay
Come here to be in the WWE. Play as OC or Canon.
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Into the Ring
Welcome to the world of WWE! Take that bold step into the ring and experience the thrill of the match first-hand. Offering canon characters and accepting OCs. Join in the fun today!
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Pro Wrestling Revolution
A new wrestling league has been unleashed on the world. Join the stars of then, now and tomorrow as they face challenges in the ring and in their lives as the company attempts to go from an glorified indy to a full fledged force in Professional Wrestling. Romance, Humor, Adventure, drama, and wrestling included. Join the Revolution today! (OC's are allowed)
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Savage Championship Wrestling
Welcome to the newest and most brutal name in Championship Wrestling! Are you man enough to take on the most insane, sadistic and unbelieveable matches of all time? Then come join the madness that is Savage Championship Wrestling! We dare you... (Features WWE Superstars & Divas) NOTE: NO GuyxGuy or GirlxGirl relationships please.
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WWE roleplay forum
i noticed that all the wrestling forums were not active so i made a new one active!
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Rated R Wrestling
This isn't a place for children. This is violent. Be a Wrestler, diva or even an OC as you rise through the ranks in RRW. Join the Revolution today!
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World Wrestling Entertainment RP
(Previously 'A Wrestling RP') Join fellow wrestling fans from across the world and roleplay as either your own created wrestler or a current/past wrestler, it's all up to you, expect unneeded drama backstage, getting attacked by your enemies or even getting into a relationship, it's all up to you!
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Sweet Baby
John finds out some earth shattering news how will he deal.
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RP in MUSH for Wrestling Fanfic and AU
This community is to brain storm about building a MUSH for writers and others to RP out storylines and have fun being creative with one another. The initial requirements will be that you must take and RP one actual wrestler for every OC you want to app. I would like an 18 and up age grouping. Any conflict resolution will be on a simple rock/paper/scissor decider. I have the code and can run the environment. I just need to know what the interest would be for active RP and logging to make stories? I thi
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Wrestling Isn't Wrestling
We all come for the fights but stay for the compelling characters that are able to pull us in with their unique way of story telling. Come join the WWE, as either an OC or your favorite wrestler, and tell your own story. UNDER CONSTRUCTION
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NWO Wrestling
We are going to change the face of Professional Wrestling forever! New talent! New storylines! New match types! This IS the New Order!
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So you think that you can wrestle?
This is a forum made for wrestling fans, this forum accepts OCs from NJPW, WWE, Lucha Undergound and WCPW
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the worst wwe forum in existance
a god like entity summons the greatest wrestlers to plain beyond existance to fight for his amusment, wrestlers from all eras (gimmick,additude and modern eras)
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