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The Great XOver Rider War RP
The multiverse is in greater danger than we thought. Join up as the Riders take out the threats of the multiverse, eventually in an attempt to keep Shocker from making it's greatest return. OC's are welcome, and so are the multiple realms of anime & more
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Witch's games
Basically any rp you want, Please PM me before joining however, this Forum is private but open to a few new people.
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Hogosha Acadimi
Hogo-sha acadimi is a school where students learn to control their abilities, where they learn new tactics and new skills that can be used in various fields. It is a place of bonding and team building. You may apply here either as a teacher or a student
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The Ultimate Pairing's Forum
Every had a pairing from a fandom you wanted to do but never had the chance or could find an rp that would let you do that. Every had an idea for an OC pairing but you never got the chance to do them well look no more. In this forum you can rp any pairing or couple's set up you want as long as you can find someone willing to help you. It can be from any book, video game, tv show, movie ,comic book anything any kind of OC and set you could ever want so come and join all are welcome, we're always open!
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GlacierClan, MountainClan, LeafClan, BoulderClan, and SnakeClan RP
Join the glaciers of darkness, the mountains of penance, the forests of peace, rocks of discomfort, and the snakes of forewarning as you venture forth and set your mark upon the world. Create your warriors and fight for your Clans the best you can. Your paws will guide us on new paths. Choose your own path wisely, for you are just as important as all the others that intertwine with you. (we also now have a Survivors section and Wolf Children section! Join us there, as well)
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Anything Goes University
Welcome to Anything Goes University(AGU), the crossroads of the fictional worlds. Here, your OC can enroll in whatever courses are desired and take them as long as needed!
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Our Off Topic Forum
Just a place to chat and have fun! Or glomp someone. Or be glomped. Feel free to join us.......
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The greatest RP story ever
The greatest RP story ever. Go on quests. Help fellow roleplayers. Fight others. All of this and more... (Ranges everywhere from Fullmetal Alchemest roleplaying to Inuyasha, Assassins Creed, Naruto, and a little bit of our own storyline threads!) THIS THREAD IS ALIVE! WE ARE HERE, AND WE WILL BE HERE!
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Digimon: Medieval Times
In another universe, there exists a world so strange that you won't believe it. A world full of magic and creatures known as Digimon. For long they lived in peace with the humans of the kingdoms, but one day that all changed. War was cast over this world. A war that had been won by the kingdoms and the still human-friendly digimon. Long decades have passed since then, the evil once forgotten... raises again.
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Multiversial RP
Come one and all, help me create the adventures of all great beings of the Multiverse, Build Nations to Help or Exterminate others in your path throw out the Multiverse, make Legend or create monsters, what Universe are you going to command? (Now opened to all fandoms and originality.)
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Universe Falls
Something has happened. all the known universes have fallen and collided with each other, resulting in all the worlds falling and coming together in the phenomenon Universe falls. come here where you can play as any of your favorite character from any Book, Comic, manga, movie, TV show or movie, or bring your own OC along to talk and interact while also figuring out the cause and mystery of the Universe Fall
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Clash of Six
A crossover RP idea I had the idea for. Newcomers welcome. Submit any character from any series, uncover the mystery and fight for your team!
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The Official Fiction Roleplay Universe
Hello and Welcome to the Official Fiction Roleplay Universe! Here you you can claim original canon characters or create oc's and roleplay with them, You can claim as many characters as you want, once a character has been claimed, he or she can't be claimed again, and you will have to chose another. Fight your enemies in this Action packed RP, and have fun chatting with others, characters from Video Games and Anime are highly recommended, PM me if you have any questions, but until then... ENJOY!
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A Cutthroat X-over
In the first time ever in a most unusual events, the far west universe meets the the biggest star nation across almost every universe, Esquestria and the thousand of systems empire meet the Cutthroat Union.
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Make a character from either your sick imagination or a OC from anything. NO GODS. Unless I'm fine with it
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The Old Dragon Lemon Forum:
Well, this is a lemon forum for the anthro or feral dragon lemon lovers.
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Multiverse Avengers
It's been a few months since the original Avengers team has disbanded,but the fabric of time and space has been rifted,and a mysterious alien,a Time Lord known as the Doctor came to the heroes to warn them,now new foes,from other worlds have arrived,but also new potential allies,who would join a whole new team of ltiverse Avengers:Assemble!Canon and OCs from comic/superhero movies,anime/manga,video games and scifi acepted.
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Legend Chronicles : Universial Utopia RP
This is a forum for RP stories taking place a non-cannon version of a yet-to-be uploaded massive-crossover-fanfic - Ie; Sonic X Mario X Kingdom Hearts X Teen Titans X ect - I'm working on called the Legend Chronicles. Have fun!
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OC RP of Awesomeness
Lilaclily00 presents a way for roleplayers to use their own characters in a plot or just do random stuff. Let's have fun, shall we?
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Asylum Forum (recreation)
This is a forum for the crazy people like me. Come and battle your inner demons!
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The Forum Of The RPs and Such
Welcome to a world where anything can happen… let the adventure, BEGIN!
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A forgotten Time
Forget the laws of nature and physics... forget what you have been told. Because nothing of that, applies here. Friendly and peaceful surroundings can turn into Death traps within seconds... You and your people, came here to have a new start, to dominate nature like you did in your world before... But you aren't prepared for this world, you do not know anything about our home... And that, is why you search our help...
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World's Crossed Town RPG
Welcome to World's Crossed Town. RP as an OC from any show, game, etc..., as a character from any show, game, etc..., or as a character from a world you made up. Just have fun.
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A house and home rp
Come one come all.
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UltraMega Crossover RP Forum of DOOM! :D
Here, peeps can RP and chat. We are mainly going to focus on crossover RPs here, as mentioned in the title. Have fun!
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