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Mr Jones Universe Hetalia & Avengers
Just a forum to keep track of my Mr. Jones Series
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Wildcat's Corner
This forum shall focus on the background content of my stories, such as character information and such. Any and all Author's Notes will also be posted here to keep the stories' word counts from being buffed up.
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Bright and Massive
Private Roleplay. Please do not ask to join.
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DeaDCrowN's home of deadites
Here, you will find a place where all of you deadites can come to escape from your duties of the world. Here, you can do many things, such as Ask me questions about (almost) anything, and I'll answer! Start discussions on the newest chapters of MXMR, TXFR, and all other stories i have planned to release in the future! Start RPs (with permission) Chat with other deadites, and meet new friends! Have fun, and please be safe here.
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Stories Behind my OCs
A forum that explains the pasts of my Original Characters (OCs) across all the fandoms I have written for. If they have a counterpart (namely in the Pokémon franchise), then they will appear in the "Pokémon Counterpart" section of the forum.
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A forum for all MLPSonic crossover fans
Since I know that there is a lot of people that do this particular cross over I made a forum to advertise fanfictions,discuss pairings,etc.
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TDCI character list
list of characters
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TDCI Season 2
character list
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A escolhida
A história conta a vida de uma menina chamada Leticia. A menina vive com seus 9 irmãos e seus pais em uma casa bem grande dentro da maior alcatéia de todos os tempo. Essa história é baseada na saga crepúsculo, pois conta a vida de muitos lobos por trás das câmeras.Essa história mostra fatos que acontecem na vida de muitos adolescentes, onde o que move a todos é o amor é a família!
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My Challenges & Requests
this is a place where I can post the challenges from which my stories are inspired in the event that I decide to give up on a particular story idea. Feel free to take these challenges and write them yourself, all I ask if you do, is that you link me to your story when you publish it.
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The Doctor and the Titans
2nd doctor, Robin, Starfire, Beast boy, cyborg, Raven, Jamie
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Lanna, chandler, hensley
Name: 1. Slush 2.Flash 3.Katniss Age: 1. 10 2. 17 3. 15 Gender: 1. F 2. M 3. F Powers: 1. Banshee, Invisibility 2. Speed, Summon fire, immune to fire 3. Flight, Mind Control weapon: 1. Claws 2. N/A 3. N/A Special hit: 1. Mega Howl 2. Mega Fist 3. Mind Melter Race: 1. Husky 2. Meta-Human 3. Dog
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Note for Everyone
An announcement for a new story I'm writing
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The Team Ideas
This is where we can think of ideas for my upcoming story called 'the team' where all these characters will join forces
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Ask The OCs
a Little Forum to ask Questions to My OCs
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the windigo girl
a mithacal girl in a land of supernatural people
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What if Young Percy Jackson Lands in the Marvel or DC Universe
After using the Pearl in the Underworld (Young Book) Percy Jackson lands in DC or Marvel Universe because of Chaos. ((Original Universe Destroyed because of the War of the Big Three)) How much would it change the story of the Justice League, Young Justice or the Mavel Universe. All Sea creature know he is the Son of Poseidon. So he himself finds it out and looks in his memories and send Diana and maybe Shazam to bring him to him. Don't know how he was found in the Marvel Universe maybe adopted Mother Loki (
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The Adventure Of The Warrior
Please Read It Carefully... Just For Fun
English - Topics: 1 - Posts: 0 - Since: 04-15-20 - Admin: rafifdewantara
Crossover Ideas
Share ideas with open minded people who are into crossover stories. Let's work together and be creative. Don't limit yourself and push it even further.
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All About Etheria
Hello, dreamers! This is my first official forum and will explain a little bit about my story called Etheria. I am a maladaptive daydreamer, and I have just started writing this story that I've been thinking of since I was 8 years old, and I also am a lucid dreamer, so some of the elements from my dreams will also appear in my stories and in this forum. Everyone is welcome to post on this forum, but spam will be deleted.
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Annihilation Through Unity General
Discuss the adventures of Commander Flameal15k here!
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My Hero Academia: Heroes for All
This is a re-telling story of My Hero Academia with bunch of franchise throwing in here. Join Izuku and his friends on their adventure to become a hero. This story was inspired by Masterob's story "Hero Academia: Enter the Spider" on Fanfiction Check out the original before reading mine since it's slightly different.
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