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The Assimilation Trials
This multifandom RP forum has been adopted, and is now continuing its story on a new forum with the same name. Check it out: The end of all the realms is imminent, and Mr. Paradox has waited since creation's birth for this oppurtunity to rise superior. People from many universes have been taken from their worlds to be molded into a militia, to help him survive the apocalypses. Which of them can endure the trials?
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Crossing Continuities
Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?
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Universe Falls
something has happened. a rift in has been breeched in the multi-verse causing an anomaly to occur, and it is bringing all the known universes to a singular point in an anomaly taking the form of a universe. welcome to the Universe Falls, a vast universe where you can bring your favorite character from any series, or create your own OC and bring them in to this Multi-genre environment Role Play, as well as solve the mystery of the Universe Falls.
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Collision of the Multiverse: A crossover RP
We thought our continent was the only one. We were wrong. We thought our world was the only world. And once again, we were wrong. Now, we think our Universe is the only Universe. And once again, we are mistaken. Now, all the worlds once fictional are now being freely traveled through. A new threat, from outside reality, comes to destroy us. But, there are a select few, throughout all the worlds, who can combat this enemy. Some heroes, others ordinary people. But they are reality's last hope. OC's Allowed!
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The Ultimate Crossover Role Play
In a large mansion like castle, Demigods, Shadowhunters, mortals, gods, vampires, mutants all live together in harmony. Or so we think. Join your favorite characters as they discover the truth behind this ancient school.
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Sins of the Multiverse
The conquest has begun. A god was destroyed because he tried to tamper with the affairs of other universes, and in doing so, caused the gods of many of these universes to ally and kill him. But the aftermath? His universe is now open, and it's creating roads through multiverse. Welcome to the conquest. Pick a side, or die alone.
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The Ultimate Pairings Forum's Return!
Has there ever been a pairing you've been dying to roleplay? Well here's the place to come and do it! Share your ideas with others, roleplay characters from movies, TV, video games, whatever! Canon or OC, all are accepted, as long as there is someone else willing to play!
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Private Roleplay Forum
A private forum for myself and Morticia Frump Addams ONLY.
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The Town of Elysian
Welcome to Elysian! A medium sized town where children and families live either a normal life, going to school, talking with friends and family, or you can have an abnormal life, have special powers, save the world, fight monsters. Or do what ever. Rated T.
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The greatest RP story ever
The greatest RP story ever. Go on quests. Help fellow roleplayers. Fight others. All of this and more... (Ranges everywhere from Fullmetal Alchemest roleplaying to Inuyasha, Assassins Creed, Naruto, and a little bit of our own storyline threads!) THIS THREAD IS ALIVE! WE ARE HERE, AND WE WILL BE HERE!
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Galactic RP Forum:
In the verges of our Milky Way, where the Mass Relays conjure a path to new clusters or Systematic travels brighten your adventurous moods. Where your love of space fleshes out from Civilizations to Politics meshes the stars or Science making a new Advance on a particular quota. You choose your Species to create, what height of tech or systematic power.
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The Official Fiction Roleplay Universe
Hello and Welcome to the Official Fiction Roleplay Universe! Here you you can claim original canon characters or create oc's and roleplay with them, You can claim as many characters as you want, once a character has been claimed, he or she can't be claimed again, and you will have to chose another. Fight your enemies in this Action packed RP, and have fun chatting with others, characters from Video Games and Anime are highly recommended, PM me if you have any questions, but until then... ENJOY!
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Multiversial RP
Come one and all, help me create the adventures of all great beings of the Multiverse, Build Nations to Help or Exterminate others in your path throw out the Multiverse, make Legend or create monsters, what Universe are you going to command? (Now opened under reboot)
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Crossed worlds
A mega cross-over RPing forum! Characters from all kinds of TV shows, Video Games, Anime, and Movies. RP as any character you want!
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Asylum Forum (recreation)
This is a forum for the crazy people like me. Come and battle your inner demons!
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Electrum City
Just your typical average metropolis. Except for the superheroes and -villains, mythological creatures, giant robots, aliens, gods and whatever else you can think of, that is. A story-form roleplay forum open to all.
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Multiverse Avengers
It's been a few months since the original Avengers team has disbanded,but the fabric of time and space has been rifted,and a mysterious alien,a Time Lord known as the Doctor came to the heroes to warn them,now new foes,from other worlds have arrived,but also new potential allies,who would join a whole new team of ltiverse Avengers:Assemble!Canon and OCs from comic/superhero movies,anime/manga,video games and scifi acepted.
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The Rift Wars
After many universe creations while attempting to create life, the boundaries of the space between those universes have been weakened by their lifespan. As portals appear, the rejected angered life forms of this Rift are using them to dominate the successful universes with their own kind. It's now up to an army known as The Alliance to rise up and restore the peace.
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OC RP of Awesomeness
Lilaclily00 presents a way for roleplayers to use their own characters in a plot or just do random stuff. Let's have fun, shall we?
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The Forum Of The RPs and Such
Welcome to a world where anything can happen… let the adventure, BEGIN!
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A forgotten Time
Forget the laws of nature and physics... forget what you have been told. Because nothing of that, applies here. Friendly and peaceful surroundings can turn into Death traps within seconds... You and your people, came here to have a new start, to dominate nature like you did in your world before... But you aren't prepared for this world, you do not know anything about our home... And that, is why you search our help...
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X-over RP
Just a roleplay forum.
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Lego Dimensions RP
Based on the hit game Lego Dimensions, the evil Lord Vortech is planning on making universes collide! Now certain worlds must band together to stop him! RP through tons of different Lego Worlds and get ready to go on a Timey Wimey Scooby Dooby Bat Blasting Crazy Adventure!
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Tokusatsu Taisen
An evil spirit from another dimension has declared war on peace and happiness. Soon all Earthlings would tremble before him. Even the villains and monsters destroyed are revived due to his prescence. The YHA (Yokai Hunting Agency) has 12 own Kamen Riders and New allies to stop Akuryo's plan for world domination.
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Fight for the Universe
A Marvel DC crossover where Cannon characters and OCs can decide who's the best and worst, Will new character cause the two sides to join forces or will the two sides duke it out? Cannon and Next Gen Topics
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