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The Slashers
A few killers are getting paied, or threatened to live in the same house, and let people into the house for money. That was a year ago. Now that thier all setteled in, thier opening it. Welcom to the Slashers house.
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Annoying Freddy
You can talk with Freddy, but good luck trying to get anything but profanitys out of his mouth
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Never Sleep Again
RP being one of the charactors or make up your own! Please join, this is like the best horror movie ever!
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Love for a Nightmare
A forum dedicated to the FreddyxNancy pairing, don't like don't look. For both original and 2010 continuities, talk about fics and pics or any thing about the Tension between the two.
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Living the Nightmare
A Nightmare on Elm Street roleplay forum. Freddy's back and hungrier for blood than ever. Create your own character and watch the plot unfold- how long will you survive? WILL you survive?
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Slasher up yourself
This forum's main topic is how you think you would be if you were undead killers.Use your imagination and type!
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Narod And Kroey
A place where we can discuss Nancy, Rod, Kristen, and Joey, either as couples or by themselves.
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Nightmare Freaks
Okay, Any Freddy freaks are welcome!
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Amanda's ANOES Forum
The ANOES Forum of AmandaKrueger! Here I will announce updates of my stories, and readers can comment on them. And of course, everything about our favorite Springwood Slasher is welcome here!
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Brain storm
This is place were people can brain storm about ideas for fanfictions.
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A Nightmare On Elm Street: Dream Maidens
Learn about our NOES Fan Movie, or brainstorm your own!
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Freddy's fanatic Fan Fiction writers
Talk about movies and stuff like that...
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A Nightmare On Elm Street Roleplay
Love Freddy Krueger? Who doesn't? Here, you can roleplay with all the 'A Nightmare On Elm Street' Characters, and even make up your own.
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Predy96's A Nightmare On elm Street Forum
This forum is made specially for A Nightmare On Elm Street.
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All Things A Nightmare On Elm Street 2010
Do you love A nightmare on elm street 2010? Well you've come to the right place! Here you can debate, enter contests, chat, discuss ect
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