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The Beatles!
Hey Beatles Fans! Join to talk about beatles stuff! yaaay!
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Ello', Ello', Ello!
Next-Gen Beatle peeps! Feel free to check out The Beatles! Forum before coming here. Basically the same concept. We will do Rps and just talk. So yeah! PM me with questions! :D
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All Together Now!
there are so many Beatles fans writing on Fanfiction and all have different ideas and writing styles. Wouldn't it be great to have all tthese authors co-writing and joining together? This is the place for discussion and planing on a "Beatles mega fanfiction" authors will work on one story alternating chapters, introducing ideas, and helping each other to improve there own writing style. Authors interested in writing do not have to be "full time" you can write as few chapters as you like. All chapters will b
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A place to talk about "Across The Universe", the songs, the characters, and anything else that comes to mind!
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Beatles Fans!
Here we can talk about anything Beatles! :-D Join if you're a Beatlemaniac like me
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The Beatles :D
For all things Beatles! Peace/Love/Beatles
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The Beatles XD
Here Ye! A new Beatles forum has been made in this kingdom...ummm nevermind. This is a forum for crazy Beatles fans. So come and enjoy.
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All You Need Is L O V E
A private Across the Universe roleplaying forum, created only for friends of the admin. Feel free to read, however, as they take common scenes from the film and elaborate upon them or create little twists of their own.
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Across The Universe Collab
Across the universe collab/roleplay for me and Bookish0278.
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An Education
This is a story about how Jenny Mellor meets the adventurous Stuart Stucliffe, and her journey through life with him. I didn't see any Stuart so I wanted to write one about him
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