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Aladdin RRP
A place for roleplaying whee.
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Aladdin fans
if u like aladdin, this is 4 u!
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All about Jafar!
Where you talk all about Jafar.
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Aladdin forum
This is where we discuss on what stories in the Aladdin fanfiction that you like, the worst and how we can help improve the story or if you just want your story getting out there. This is a new form since all the others where created years ago so this one will be more up to date. No fighting please we're all mature here
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Topics involving Jafar and Jasmine as a pairing
Topics involving Jafar and Jasmine as a couple.
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Advertise Upcoming Aladdin stories
Got a new Aladdin story up you want reviews on? Well here you can advertise it.
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Arabrian Nights RPG
Come rp with the Aladdin gang in Arabrian Nights. ocs allowed.
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Mozenrath & Aladdin, bitter enemies, brothers?
Basically, it's a forum for everyone who thinks that our favorite hero and our favorite villain Excusing the Jafar lovers should be related.
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Fanfiction Ideas and Challenges
Have an idea for an Aladdin fanfic, but don't feel you're the one to write it? Or perhaps you're looking for a fanfic idea. Here's a place to post and find ideas and challenges for Aladdin fanfics.
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Al and Jas forever!
If you think Al and Jas are THE best couple ever,this is the forum for you!
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Describe your favorite animal character
Describe you favorite animal specifically like their bodies, color, eye color, and shape .
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Oh, because it's there!
Discussions related to Antiphony, Outtakes, and other stories I've written. Suggestions especially for Outtakes! and requests for fics are welcome!
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Big Four (2007)
The Big Four (Elsa Snow, Anna Arendelle, Rapunzel Corona, and Merida Dundroch) grow apart after their final defeat of Ursula. But when strange things are happening in New York City as ancient creatures threaten the world, the Big Four must reunite as a team to save it.
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