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AvP RolePlay
Where you can role play as any species from aliens vs predator
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Alien vs Predators Universe!
Make a ALIEN or Predator! Hunt and kill to survive, avoid being killed by their enemies. Humans that are made must learn to fight and sneak to survive. Well can they?
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The Hunt Is On
For all of us who absolutely love Predators
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A New Game
The hunt is on again, and it's time to return to Earth. Inside the cave just outside a Wey-Yu controlled town, the eggs thrive, hatch, and search for human hosts. When there is plenty of prey, the signal is given. But when the Hunters arrive, they find their prey reduced to nothing but acid and carcasses. What could have possibly been strong enough to wipe out the Kainde Amedha? Was it human..? One Survivor. One Witness. A new type of hunt. New rules. New prey...
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LV-923 - Trident
An environment fraught with xenomorphs, creatures as dangerous as xenomorphs, the Hunters that come here for sport, and the rugged Humans that try to live here. We are a roleplaying community that enjoy the Aliens vs. Predator universe. These are our stories.
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Aliens vs Predator RP
A roleplay area for Aliens vs Predator fans
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