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The Fight For Pandora
Five years after the Sky People were chased off and life is starting to return to what it was like before the Sky People had first arrived. Little does anyone know that life on Pandora is going to take a turn for the worse, the Sky People are back and the
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Avatar Roleplay
Roleplay in the world of Pandora!
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Na'vi Roleplay
For all Na'vi/Dreamwalkers who wish to roleplay for the heck of it. :3
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New and Improved Avatar RP
Hosted Avatar RP for writers blessed with good grammar, diction, and style. Not to be picky, but this is an RP to create a story rather than dialogue bits. Come n' get it!
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Avatar-a new life
An avatar rp, here you can be a Na'vi a Human or an Avatar on the planet of pandora.
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Avatar 2 What would you like to see?
Several of the actors have signed on for a potential two sequels. Discuss any theories you have for Avatar 2, what you'd like, or characters you'd like to see in a sequel and whether or not you think that making a sequel is a good idea.
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Avatar Roleplay
Welcome to Pandora! The world of Avatar! Create an OC! Defend your world from intruders and protect your loved ones in this beautiful world. Here, "I see you" means more than you could ever imagine.
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A general chat about the film. Talk about your favorite characters or scenes, of just whatever you wish to talk about. Play nice, kiddies.
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AVATAR: Pandora's Wrath
After noticing the lack of active AVATAR forums... I thought I'd give it a go :) Come on in, if you've got what it takes to tackle the mighty Pandora!
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Deep within the Pandoran Forest RPG
Role Players welcome! A place for Human or Na'vi characters to have adventure, action, romance. This is fast paced forum so either keep up or dont step up! Moderator reserves the right to hit you with his ban hammer if you're slowing the rest of us down.
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Tompa, the Clan of Change Avatar RP
On Padora, many clans exist. However, of all of them, Tompa is the most willing to adapt. However, when the sky people threaten to take their land, change isn't exactly what they want... *Join and let the story unfold.*
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The literal Pandora's Box
Nearly 18 years have past since humans have been banished, the Navi way of life became normal and moved on. But a new threat is coming, and this one is determined to get what it wants. Can the next generation save Pandora again? Or will they crumble from
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Greenery Discussions
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Avatar Challenges
Just a place where you can put and pick up challenges
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Symbolism within 'Avatar': A Writer's Resource
There were a vast number of symbols hidden in the visuals which give rise to almost a second narrative. However, many people don't know how to read symbols anymore. This is an open guide which translates symbols from the movie into plain English.
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Theories for Avatar 2
What do you think Avatar 2 will be? Here is a forum to share your thoughts.
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Like the movie
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Avatar: Useful Resources
Need to translate that phrase in Na'vi? Forgot who a certain character is? Or need a refresher on the plot of the movie? Come here and find all this and more. Create, discuss and find resources for wirting Avatar fanfics. Because we all need a helping hand sometimes.
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The War for Pandora
Welcome to Pandora, a vicious and terrifying planet that will shoot you down with zero warning. In order to survive here, you must follow the rules of Pandora! If you choose to ignore these rules, you will be one of the names on the long, long list of casualties. Now, follow me. You have been assigned as an Avatar driver. It is your job to learn the ways of the Na'vi people, to gain their trust to help your kind drive them out of their land!
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Seze Makto's Story Forum
I'm Seze Makto, Writer of Last Paragraph. Help me with my paragraphs! Post extended feedback, share story ideas, bestow love for Avatar, help with edits and typos. Dive in your Ikran to heal the bond. It can't wait - think 'Fly'
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AVATAR:ToP First or second?
Alright, for any AVATAR:T.o.P. both script and written versions, which should be posted first, the script version or normal story book like written version?
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