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Avengers The Next Chapter
The original avengers have retired... but they had children ... can those children be the next big set of heros and save the world all the whole dealing with their own matters?... character claim available ALL OC's welcome ... Not all Canons require auditions.
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The Disassembled
The Avengers have dissolved. Most are dead. Only Stark and Thor remain, and both are busy wth their own lives. So, the remaining members of SHIELD scrape together a team to the best of their abilities to rise up and fight once more. OCs required.
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Avengers: Awakened Roleplay
"They should have known they wouldn't keep me away for long. Stupid, petty humans. But, I'll get my revenge on them now..." The fate of the world is once again in peril and the Avengers have been called upon to put a stop to it, once and for all. Roleplay as your favorite Avenger or as an OC! ALL WELCOME! *CLOSED DUE TO INACTIVITY*
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Avengers: Apprentice Initiative RP
SHIELD is requiring the Avengers to recruit and train a new team of superheroes, some of them the original Avenger's own children. Follow them as they learn to control their powers and work together. Open RP, OC claims open. Application in forum.
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La Torre Stark
¡Las puertas de la Torre han sido abiertas! Agrega tu nombre a la lista de habitantes. Diviértete y explota tu imaginación con los juegos, retos, teorías y debates acerca de los héroes (y villanos) del Universo Marvel. Si viste las películas, no te pierdes las series, has leído los cómics o hackeaste los sistemas de SHIELD, eres bienvenido. Tu mayordomo IA favorito estará encantado de recibirte.
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The Avengers RolePlay
Come one, come all to the Avengers RolePlay. Create your own Hero or Villain, or you can get the original characters as well. Enjoy and have fun! ;D!
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Avengers RP
YES, an Avengers roleplay! OCs are allowed. join if you love The Avengers!
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OT3 Galore
Private Rp just for me and my friend ohMerlinsBeard. If anyone that is not her looks at It, I will cut a bitch.
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The Avengers Forum (PRIVATE)
This is your chance of becoming a Hero or a Villain. Which will you choose? (Set after the First "Avengers" movie.) (PRIVATE FORUM! INVITE ONLY!) (note: not issuing invites. Don't ask to join.)
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Avengers: Legacies
Welcome to Avengers: Legacies! Join us as we create heroes and villains who will battle for eternity. Currently in a flawless plot designed by our one and only Fel, we have once again become active for the summer of 2017. Join now and help decide the fate of our beloved next gen Avengers!
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Avengers: El Último Juego
Este foro ha sido creado para la participación de todo el mundo adicto a los héroes de MARVEL, como Avengers, Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor y otros. Habrá retos sobre cualquier temática y personajes variados además de topics de interés general (debates, juegos, recomendaciones) ¡Participa!
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The Marvel Cinematic Role-Playing Universe
This forum is dedicated to the Avengers, as well as many other Marvel fandoms. Feel free to make your own character or claim one of the existing canons. *This is a semi-advanced, private roleplay with a fixed and pre-planned plot. If you'd like to join, please PM me first and be prepared to be active and have good grammar, spelling, etc. in your posts*
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Bound by Blood: the 38th Hunger Games
In a world where Mega and Wjj partially rule, and psycho tributes scour the arena, there is this Forum, spiking our insanity as we plan and create the epic world of Blood Dream's sequel, all the while dying because Wjj actually, partially, rules the world. Be afraid. Be VERY afraid. Maybe a temporary title? I'm, like my blonde self always is, lost there. X-D Oh, now I'm rambling in the summary. How the heck did I manage to do that? Readers: We are not to be held accountable for spoilers in herePIXI WAS HERE
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Rise to Power
Many seemed to think Ultron was as bad as it could get. When new threats amass and threaten the world, can the team reassemble before it's too late? Join the action as your favorite Avenger or as an original character!
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Avengers: When There's Nothing Left To Call My Own
What happens when there's nothing left to call your own in the world? What happens when Loki's returned with his Glow-Stick of Destiny and is more powerful than ever? Does anyone know? I doubt it-that's why we're here.
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The Many Adventures of the Avengers
**ACTIVE** Just an rp about all the adventures the avengers embark on as the movies go on and different plots are created! No auditions for cannons and many openings!
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Only The Heroes Fall
It's not that we need fresh blood. It's that... we're getting old and the world isn't getting any better. So... we just want to teach you kids to protect it as we did. The Avengers. But... the New Avengers. Because even heroes fall. (INVITE ONLY: You can request through PM) (ACTIVE 6/28/18)
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Avengers pairings (one on one Role Play)
Have you ever found a roleplay where the characters you wanted all were taken? The pairings you liked were mocked, or made fun of? Or maybe no one wanted to do that or the other character was already in a plot. THEN COME HERE! Slash, Het and femslash. allowed.
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Alpha Avengers
AU. Years after the events of Age of Ultron, the Avengers have begun to retire, and have had children of their own. Now that those children have started to grow up, SHIELD has been rebuilt and is opening a new branch, the Alpha Avengers. OCs strongly recommended!
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Avengers Assemble
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The Next Generation of Heroes
New threats and villains have been popping up everywhere. It's time for the next generation to take their parents' place. Step into character as a child of the Avengers, a mutant, a SHIELD agent, an Asgardian, you name it! Are the kids ready to fight at their parents' side? It's up to you! Canons, OC's, crossovers, and separate AU roleplay topics are allowed! Takes place about 25 years after Age of Ultron. (Restarting as of Oct 24)
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Avengers: AUs, What-Ifs, Crossovers, and More!
We've all seen our fair share of Avengers roleplays, but how many forums have you seen dedicated to AUs, crossovers, and what-ifs? We're always welcome to suggestions and ideas here! Stop by and pick up a canon character or make an original character and dive into the only Avengers forum dedicated mainly to alternate universes. *VERY ACTIVE, MANY CHARACTER SLOTS*
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Avengers RP Forum! :D
Just a fun RP! This takes place 20 years after the movie! Play as your favorite character and/or an OC! No Audition Required! I won't bite! I promise! Cross my heart!
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Avengers Multiverse RP: We're in the Endgame Now
Who else saw Endgame? Wasn't it awesome? It also created a gateway to this forum: The Multiverse! If you are under 18 please do not enter as we do roleplay adult themes and situations. ONLY FOR MCU. MOVIES ONLY. NO TV CHARACTERS.
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Avengers Reassemble
A roleplay where Avengers fan can come and roleplay as there favorite characters. All are welcome.
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