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Avengers RP
YES, an Avengers roleplay! OCs are allowed. join if you love The Avengers!
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Avengers Roleplay
If you love the Avengers, and want to roleplay this is the group for you. Make an OC and have fun with the canons as we go along. Please join! (Still Open and looking for more people to join!)
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Avengers: Earth's Next Mightiest Heros
Next Generation role-play, Natasha's working with Hydra, Loki's already failed at taking over the world (Once) who knows what'll happen next? *All, but a few, cannon open! OCs welcome! Looking for more members!*
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The Avenger Roleplay Forum - Created by AngelicPie
This is an Avengers Roleplay. No auditions required for claiming Canons, and no invite needed to join. Canons and OC's are accepted. Takes place roughly two decades after the events of the movie.
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The Many Adventures of the Avengers
Loki has killed Odin and impersonates him on Asgard, although Odin's lethargy has come to the attention of not only his kin and close friends, but also other realms and gods who desire the throne. The silence grows louder, and sides are beginning to be taken and an all-out war is being waged between other realms, and some very powerful Greek gods also have their eye on the situation; but when Loki's secret is revealed, and war is declared, the Avengers will face their biggest challenge yet. (***ACTIVE***)
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No Problem, Right?
Dealing with bad guys is everyday buisiness for SHIELD, so super powered and extra terrestrial ones shouldnt be any challenge...right? (NEXT GEN RP!)
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IronmanAvengers Role Play
Avengers Role Play, come and be your favorite Avenger, OC are allowed, no limit. Please if you are homophobe don't join this role play allows bot male and female homo pairings.
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Avengers RP Forum! :D
Just a fun RP! This takes place 20 years after the movie! Play as your favorite character and/or an OC! No Audition Required! I won't bite! I promise! Cross my heart!
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Avengers: AUs, What-Ifs, Crossovers, and More!
We've all seen our fair share of Avengers roleplays, but how many forums have you seen dedicated to AUs, crossovers, and what-ifs? We're always welcome to suggestions and ideas here! Stop by and pick up a canon character or make an original character and dive into the only Avengers forum dedicated mainly to alternate universes. *VERY ACTIVE, MANY CHARACTER SLOTS*
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Avengers: The Next Generation
All of the Avengers are dead after a brutal attack from a mysterious new villain. It's time for the heroes' children to take up the challenge of being on a team and filling in their parents shoes. ALL OC ROLEPLAY! More info inside!
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This RP takes place after the Avengers save Manhattan from Loki's wrath! Come join and claim a cannon, or make an OC :D
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Avengers: The Next Generation
With enemies vanquished and a villain redeemed, the Avengers have settled down and left the adventures to their children. Now getting older, it's time for the next generation of heroes to protect the world.
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Avengers RP
Avengers RP - Cannon Characters Needed!
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The New War
The Avengers have defeated Loki and his army, but how will they handle the enemies of other universes. The new avngers and the heroes of those other universes must work together to push the creatures back.
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Avengers RP - The Avengers: Age Of Ultron - Xx N E W xX
Avengers RP! An active Marvel's Avengers Role Play based off of the Marvel movie franchise. Oc's and side RPs are welcomed, too! If you love Avengers, come join!
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The End Is Only The Beginning Take 2
After the Loki incident, all the Avengers move in to Stark Tower. Re run of my old forum! I'm back guys ;)
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Marvel's: Avengers rp
What the title says. Fights, havoc, new creations, and more! Come join the villains/Avengers! NOw available: all marel characters and OC's!
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We Need You To Assemble!
The Avengers, a band of heroes who form an unstoppable force when together. You see, life has been rather peaceful for a while, with the heroes going back to normal lives however S.H.E.I.L.D has kept a close eye on them, monitoring them so if a day were to come when they were needed once again they could call for Avengers Assemble. A new threat is coming to Earth, and S.H.I.E.L.D knows it needs more than 1 Avenger they issued for N.A.P (New Avenger Program) Will you fight by the side of justice or evil?
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Avengers: SYOC! (Closed)
The world's in danger and just the avengers and an specific group of people can save it. Originally a fic, but I can't update as fast as I want to so this is now a RPG forum!
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Avengers Rp for the Avengers lovers like me :)
I was looking and saw that most if not all the Avengers RP's on Fanfiction had died out and wanted to start one for all of us out there who want to Roleplay Avengers.
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Let's Get Started
Just another roleplay forum. Nothing too special. However, I hope all of you still have fun.
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Marvel Universe RPG
AU RPG that takes place 3 months after the events of Thor 2. Play as any of your favorite Marvel heroes or villains or create your own characters! All Marvel universes are included! On the hero side become an Avenger, a SHIELD agent, an X-men, or go it on your own. As a villain you can work alone or be part of the Brotherhood or ally yourself with the other villains. All this and more! The possibilities are limitless! Become a part of the epic Marvel universe, RP like never before and have fun!
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Forging Bonds
Saving the planet isn't the only thing that's needed for six people to become a team. AVENGERS RP!
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Avengers: Now it's Personal
It's time for siblings to get a turn in the lime light! Some of the Avengers have younger siblings unbeknownst to most, that are kidnapped by Loki! *Gasp* What will happen next? Who will save them? All OC's welcome, no random romance between ANYONE and Loki. Here me? Now go crazy!
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Avengers RP
Just what the title says! Claim a Cannon Character, or make an OC! Have fun :)
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