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Avengers: Awakened Roleplay
"They should have known they wouldn't keep me away for long. Stupid, petty humans. But, I'll get my revenge on them now..." The fate of the world is once again in peril and the Avengers have been called upon to put a stop to it, once and for all. Roleplay as your favorite Avenger or as an OC! ALL WELCOME! *CLOSED DUE TO INACTIVITY*
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The Marvel Cinematic Role-Playing Universe
This forum is dedicated to the Avengers, as well as many other Marvel fandoms. Feel free to make your own character or claim one of the existing canons. *This is a semi-advanced, private roleplay with a fixed and pre-planned plot. If you'd like to join, please PM me first and be prepared to be active and have good grammar, spelling, etc. in your posts*
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Fanfic Ideas
Here's a few idea's I've come up with but have been unable to turn into full fledged story's myself. Why don't you give them a try?
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