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WSSRP:Why so serious role play!
Casual role playing forum for batman. I know its in the nolanverse section but Its really more of a Batman Misc. Ocs welcome, probably in need of new canons too.
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Welcome to the Asylum!
A warm welcome from the patients at Arkham! this is a RP! Make your own Inmate or Be an existing character! Because all of us are at least a little bit crazy...XD Everyone is excepted! *NEW* ONE ON ONE ROLEPLAY TOPICS, JUST ASK!
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Gotham City and all that live in it RP
well, to anyone that likes a good RP. All welcome. Bring your own OC's or be one of the original characters. Any pairings, etc... overall HAVE FUN!.... i hope, this is Gotham we're talking about...
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Batman Forever
Takes place 3 years after the end of Dark Knight Rises. Bruce Wayne is "dead" but a new threat has emerged in Gothem and he is forced to come back and help save his beloved city.
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Le Batman RP! :D
aaaaaaaaaaaakkk! okay. so i LOVE Batman and i made a Roleplay. you can RP as a cannon, make your own character, talk about how awesome Batman or other superheros are, and just have fun in general! open & active! JOIN! :D
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A Long Few Months
During those long months Gotham spent under Bane's rule in The Dark Knight Rises, Gotham was in utter disarray. So it fell into the laps of normal people to try and take back the city. Join this Roleplay and become a hero, and try to take back the city. Or you can be a criminal like Catwoman, thriving in this version of the city. Or be one of Bane's minions, wrecking havoc and delivering Gotham's 'retribution'.
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Gotham City: Shadowed Souls
Arkham Asylum, home of the insane, and the insanely smart. The Narrows, home of the criminals and mafia. Gotham, home of the infamous Batman, and the epic drama of life. Join now or forever hold your peace.
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All about The Dark Knight
come here to talk abou the new sequal: The Dark Knight
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Batman 3: The Caped Crusader
Discuss the probable sequel plans here. Who knows? Nolan could read this forum for ideas. Depp or Tennant to play the Riddler? Post YOUR THOUGHTS. Do you want another Joker to replace Heath, and if so, who?
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ZOMG!After watching Batman Begins for the 100th time I have developed an obsession!Come join me and lets spread the disease!
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Batman Begins Fanfic Faves
Discuss your favorite authors, your favorite fics, and writing in the Batverse
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Batman Begins casting predictions
With a remake comes a new cast to play the newold characters. Post here to predict who will star as the new Batallies and Batrogues in Batman Begins sequelstocome.
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Gotham Streets Roleplay
Welcome to Gotham! Create your own criminal, or just be one of the helpless henchmen of the Joker. Well, if you wanted, you could even be a resident of Gotham, a victim of the chaos.
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The Masked Man
Bane fans unite!
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Batman RP
Specially made for Emily lol
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The New Knight
The mobsters are stiring up chaos and Batman's not there to stop him. Who will rise up in this lawless town?
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The Dark Knight:Retribution
Batman is out of commission, Gotham's underworld is uprising...Will there be any hope for Gotham?
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When in Gotham
People in Gotham are diffrent. Some of us dont stand by Mostly Nolanverse but lots from the comics
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All Over The Batman
Come on in— We all saw the movie, talk about anything and everything. Free for all: Rants, Discussions, Whatever. :
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Batman X Criminal Minds
For those who are interested in Batman and Criminal Minds. And wonder, why the hell there aren't more cross-overs!
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Growing Up in Gotham
Everyone welcome! We're trying to increase the amount of female role models found within the Nolanverse fics and fandom, and to network writers of all ages and abilities to encourage new writers to tell stories of their own. Companion forum to the Growing Up in Gotham archive.
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The Challenges of Gotham
Come here with all your Batman Begins/The Dark Knight challenges! We write, we read, we... Well we'll figure out something! We need some challenges around here...:D
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Quest for a fanfiction
Hello, I'm searching for a fanfiction named The Saving Knight. I can't remember who wrote it. But it was published on this site, but I can't find it anymore. I fell in love with this story and I would love to read it again. Short plot: Bruce marries a woman named Samantha Winters she also has a brother, but I forgot his name . At first they don't like each other but at the end they do :p Could you please help me with finding it again?
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Batman Story Writing Help RP
So when I usually write my stories I tend to know the outline of the story in general but I write the dialogue first and then add the actions and everything else after writing the dialogue for each chapter. Sometimes I draw a blank on how a character would respond to the other character so I get stuck in a rut. So I thought maybe doing writers can come together to help out each other with our Batman stories via RP and thus this forum was born. Enjoy and happy writing!
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Batman Begins
talkk about the dark knight. From favorite quotes to favorite parts of the movie to who played Batman better. This is a place to talk about Batman
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