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Heath Leager as the Joker
Honestly who thinks he is going to be a good Joker. I do think he is a good actor but I think it is a miss cast who agrees
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The Arkham Rouges (Role play)
Welcome to Arkham Asylum! Where you make your own oc and date a canon character. Jonathan Crane is taken, by my *new made up) character Phobia (Jen). Choose others and make new villains. have fun!
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bruce x talia
This is the story of batman who was fight killer coc in the warehouse and when they we fight batman lost the battle with coc and before he was almost eaten and talia save him. Contain lemon, wild sex Batman: "Got knock down by killer coc fist and growling in pain". Killer coc: batman this is the last time you will be alive when he almost open his mouth he was shock and fell to the floor and pass out. talia al ghul: hello beloved im the only one you could bit you " in a sexy voice" she unzip her leather she wear.
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