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Every Rose Has A Thorn: A Beauty and the Beast Story
It's the begining of the Marauders' 7th Year. Tessa Elisabeth Lacroix is a pureblood beauty who has just transferred to Hogwarts. Instantly she charms all she meets, but this rose hides a dark secret. Remus was never bitten by Greyback.
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Beauty and the Beast
Anything about Beauty and the Beast
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The Most Beautiful Love Story Ever Told
Love BATB? Have a favorite character? Working on a new BATB story? Come on in and discuss it! You never know what you'll find!COME ON IN!
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Beauty and the Beast RP!
I REALLY wanted to do BatB RP but I couldn't find one so I figured I would make one!
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Lunacy's Corner
Hey guys, here you can ask any questions about my story or if you want to give me some advice or you have an idea for my story just post it here and I'll be happy to answer it :
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The Beast Within Me
This is a beauty and the beast retold. What if the situations were reversed? Bell saves Adam from a beastly fate. Now a beast herself, she lives in the woods hiding for fear of persecution. But a chance encounter with Adam's old fighting instructor changes everything.
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