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Big Hero 6
A new semester has started at the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology and things are looking better now, especially with the edition of the Tadashi Hamada Hall. It seems some burglaries have started occurring through the town, but the police can handle it...right? Come join as a new or existing student, Canon and OC's welcomed.
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Big Hero League
It's been twelve years since the local super hero team of San Fransokyo 'Big Hero 6' was formed. Now, the five young adults are on their ways to do big things in their lives, and no longer have the time to fight crime. And with the formation of a new league of super villains, no body will be safe throughout the world. So the team decides to create a league of their very own: The Big Hero League. But will they be able to live up to their legacies? They do know they will create memories on the way!
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Big Hero 6 RP
Active Big Hero Six RP. Just like the title says. Come and join, we don't bite! ;p
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How Not to Achieve World Peace
It's been 6 months since Big Hero 6 became a team, and our heroes are starting to realize that it takes more than a few college students to defend the population of both San Fransokyo and the world. Solution? Big Hero 6 is branching out! Unfortunately, a new problem is surfacing. A mysterious pair of villains have been lurking behind the scenes, and are just coming out into the open, bringing destruction and a masked figure with them. Will the team be able to take them down? Come and decide that with us!
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Ciudad de San Fransokyo
¡Bienvenidos a la mayor ciudad de tecnología! Ubicación de la gran ITSF, hogar del grupo de nerds más divertidos y el robot más entrañable del mundo. Ven a ver que hay de nuevo en el Labortorio de Nerds, pasa el rato en The Lucky Cat Café o espía qué hay en el Garage de la familia Hamada. ¡PASEN A FORMAR PARTE DE NUESTRA CIUDAD! Baymax: No sé cómo administrar un foro, me hará un mejor asistente médico personal. Admi: Ay, Baymax...
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Big Hero 6: Thrills and Chills
6 months after they fought their first super villain and been declared super heroes... 4 of the big hero 6 are now missing! On the same day as a 18 year-old from Canada named moves in to the city of San Fransokyo, and while he's not as brilliant as the big hero 6, he has the heart of a hero when he'll help Gogo Tomago and Baymax into saving the rest of their team from a whole-new supervillain called Crawl and his own team of "Muters."
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BH6 role play
A big hero 6 role play , takes place soon after the movie. All are welcome! Come and have a good time!
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Big Hero 6: Thrills and Chills (Rebooted)
Several months after Big Hero 6 were formed... They've decided to take a short break of being heroes, mostly for the lowing of crime-waves in the city of San Fransokyo.
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Big Hero 6 RP (A Whole Year Later)
A whole year since, the elite team Big Hero 6 has formed, they're journey to keeping the city of San Fransokyo has been a big success. Then one day, a whole new era for the team of 6 has changed them for more or less. New members will be added, more upgrades, and other cool stuff will be performed by the best superheroes in the western hemisphere. Big Hero 6 or 7, or even 8, WHO KNOWS? *Apps Open and Everyone is welcome*
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Club secreto super-exclusivo y genial para las fans de Tadashi :D :D
Hola! Este es un Club secreto super-exclusivo y genial para las fans de Tadashi :D :D (duh). Exclusivo para las locas como yo que matarían a todas las chicas en San Fransokyo para casarse con Tadashi Hamada :D
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The Things we lost
This is for everyone and everything big hero 6 related... and everything.
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Hiro Hamada harem challenges (NSFW)
Big Hero 6 challenge who want to see Hiro with the girls (Gogo, Honey Lemon, Aunt Cass, and more)
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Big Hero 6 Roleplay and More!
*Sets a whole year after the movie* Big Hero 6 is one of the best known heroes in the area. Kicking villain butt, saving people in need, having to deal with holding in their secret identity as well as getting college work done. They're used to it and has managed to work with what they have as well as who they are working with. The franchise of their team has expanded, teaming up with other heroes and fighting more villains. Are you able to join the league of super heroes to fight crime? *ACTIVE*
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Big Hero 6: To find a hero that moves and hides (in secret)!
My day started like any other day, and wake up here, this HAS to be a dream, I just don't know how to get back or wakeup! "So, where's HERE?"
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Big Hero 6: To find a hero who moves & hides (in secret)!
OK, how did I get here? Either this is idea of a sick joke, a sick prank, or - I'm dreaming, yeah, yeah that's I'm dreaming, I'm asleep! Okay time to wake up - okay not a dream, fun's over; you can come out now!
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Big Hero 6 (Harry Potter crossover)
Hiro Hamada knew something had gone wrong lately. After a bunch of morons knocked out Bluff Dunder, the news reporter and claimed themselves to be 'Death Eater/Scourers Descendants', people with purple and green cloaks and robes showed up in San Fransokyo, and some of his friends began to lecture him about magic... even Karmi, who wouldn't even bother to tell him anything. Is there something wrong with the people around him or they're right? This is a contest. Write some one-shots about this topic!
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Starbust 3 Adventure (A Big Hero 6 OC story)
Starburst 3 is a superhero team that fights evil alongside with Big Hero 6. Brooke, Toby, and Milla are back in action with new adventures and new foes. When there is danger in the city, Big Hero 6 and Starburst 3 will be there to save the day.
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Drunk thougts
Fine y’all don’t wanna do gogozilla smut I’ll do it besides I have nothing better to do. Big hero 6 is all turnt up at a party like every weekend. Fred’s instantly drunk and has some stirring feelings for GoGo *evil laugh*
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