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Four Paws and One Soul
A Roleplay set in the Bolt universe. You get to be a dog, a human, a cat, a rat, whatever. Have fun and obey the rules.
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This is a Roleplay based on 8Milesthatway's XCIX story, I have his permission to make this, so do not 'report me for plagiarism please.' now, let's have some fun with an epic storyline!
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BoltxMittens Pairing
The pairing that defies logic! BoltxMittens!
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All things Bolt
This category needed a forum, so here you go.
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Bolt the Series
Has nobody else, heard about the follow series to the movie?
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Bolt: Gran RPG
Un foro creado especialmente para aquellos que deseen unirse a la gran aventura RPG/Convivencia junto con Bolt, Mittens y Rhino. Reclama un personajes de la pelicula, crea el tuyo o invita a algun personaje de tus fics. D Disfruten.
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Bolt tv universe
The place where you can talk about any story Ideas that are set in Bolt's fictional super powered life and discuss your Idea's with other authors.
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Bolt Stories T-M
Have Fun.
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For The Boltanites
Perhaps it's about time I started this. If you are part of a minority group on this link, then join me. You may choose your ideas, and I will try to write back. Oh, and feel free to come as your own characters!
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Bolt RP!
Un RP de Bolt en el que puedes participar cuando quieras!
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Onyx Mátia
Boruto, el chico más popular de la escuela, se le acercó a la chica rara, Sarada, aquella con la que nadie quería hablar. Ella no pudo disimular su emoción. Los ojos de Boruto la dejaron fascinada. Eran unos ojos hermosos, azules y seductores. Encajarían perfecto con su colección. Ya estaba pensando en qué frasco iba a ponerlos.
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