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Pyro and Company's CR Fun House
Camp Rock fans will enjoy this forum to share, to discuss and to do...well, whatever. Enjoy.
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One Hundred and One
One hundred and one writing prompts for everyone to use when stuck for inspiration or up for a challenge.
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Camp Rock Couples
Come and discuss your favorite Camp Rock couples!
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Nick jonas
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Camp Rock RP: Not for the feint at heart
I've seen waaayyy too many CR rp that aren't very professional no offense to them . This is a CR rp for those experienced in rp, and can keep up with a roleplay. Not for the feint of heart!
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What is wrong with?
This is a forum to discuss about what's wrong with most camp rock fanfics and how to really improve it. Plus this is also to discuss about "Disowned Jonas Brother".
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Wat is ur fav smitchie story?
i am bored and want sumthing to read... so wat is ur fav smitchie story?
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Camp Rock Role Play
Just pick a character or make your own... and let it be approved by me: Mitchie'n'Shane
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Camp Rock Bulletin Board
Ideas for Camp Rock stories, roleplays, and any Camp Rock news! Also Jonas Brothers news!
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For all of those yaoi lovers. Discuss your fave slash couple. No hating in here please.
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Talk all you want about everybody's favorite brother act. Kevin, the awesome one, Nick, the shy one, and Joe, the random one. and we can't forget the bonus jonas.
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CR: Para
Want Camp Rock para, here's the place. Para is roleplay, but it's the name given to it more. Join up, Or make your own.
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Jonas Brothers
Anything you want to say about the Jonas'. Love 'em? Hate 'em? Why? Talk about favorite Jonas moments, and Jonas anything. What about them in Camp Rock? Post!
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Finding a Place in This World
For Chp.1 it was Superstar Cousin... but when a crash seperates Frankie and the Jonas's Parents from their siblings, It devastated Joe, Nick, Kevin, Alexa & Alexis. It is a terrifing experience...
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Too many Jonas Brothers stories in the Camp Rock s
I love jonas brothers stories and them in general, but there's too many Jonas Brother fics in the Camp Rock section.
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Calling All AngstFilled People
Are you all angst-filled because of the Jonas Brothers fanfics? Do you NEED to have your opinion told! Fear not! This is the place! -Full summary inside-
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Win free Jonas Brothers concert tickets on this site: www. Bluelionfoundation .org/?jonas999 -- no spaces I thought many people would like a chance, that couldnt get tickets. tickets are for the 8.26.08 show in Pittsburgh, PA
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PUSHIN' ME AWAY camp rock fanfic
looking for a storyyy : please read this in case you know!
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Heard about the new Jonas Brothers television show and want to talk about it, as well as discussing rules/ideas for J.O.N.A.S. stories? You can do it here!
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Hmmwhat do you think about the Jonas Brothers?
Anything you feel like saying about the Jonas Brothers. Thoughts and feelings about their acting, singing, musical abilities, comedic abilities, etc. What are your favorite stories about them? Pretty please refrain from swearing or I'll have you blocked:D
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Camp Rock Awards
Awards for the Movie Camp Rock.
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Jonas Brothers Roleplay
For fans who want to try Jonas Brother or Camp Rock roleplaying
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Camp Rock!
For fanz of Camp Rock, or in general, the Jonas Brothers!
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Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez Couple Alert!
It's about Nick and Selena.What happened in public?I recommend this if you're into 'Nelena'.This also includes Joe and Demi's lives if you like them. Just added this forum.If you wannna be a moderator, just pm me,CuteRockstar101 if you wanna join.
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Finding them
post here if you need or want to find an author who's story was deleted that you liked and want to get into contact with the author to see if he/she posted somewhere else.
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