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Captain America: The First Avenger RP
The army is looking for a man to take on a secret project to help stop the Nazis and win the war. Steve Rogers is the man, will you help him and win the War? Make an OC or take a Canon and join the fight!
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Captain America RP
Captain America RP goes from first avenger to winter soldier.
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Captain America Fanfiction Challenges
A place for writers who are seeking for inspiration, are up to a challenge or just want to have a chat with fellow Cap fans. Join in and have fun! :)
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Trying to find a story
Trying to find a story, I think it is a Bucky Barnes/OC pairing but it might just have an OC in it. Steve and Sam visit prisoner for info on Bucky. I think she is a doctor, they take her out of prison to help them but she runs into Bucky and takes off with him. Any help would be appreciated!
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love you
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Captain America
Come here and go Captain America crazy must be rated T stories no weird stuff I am a clean person so no Adult stuff
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