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Get your Kicks on Route 66!
Welcome to Radiator Springs, the cutest little town in Carburetor County! Here, you can talk about ANYTHING related to the BEST films ever made! Favourite characters? Story ideas? Want to introduce your OCs? Talk about these fantastic films? You want it, we got it! Drive on over and let's start talking about all things Cars, Cars 2, and Cars 3!
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Cars RPG
Come role play with either your favorite movie character or madeup cars!
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Cars roleplay! Anyone can join if you want, PM me for a character request! OCs are welcome, just one per person please:) Have fun!
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Collision of Worlds
The forum for all Cars dicussions! Talk about the movies, CARacters, shorts, fan fictions, and whatever else you can think of related to Disney/Pixar's Cars and Cars 2!
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Cars Roleplay
A place for all the people who call themselves Cars fans! OC's are welcome! Come join the awesomeness!
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shut down
Howdy! Welcome to The World of Cars and Above forum! Here you can talk about anything Cars, Cars 2, Cars 3, Planes, and Planes Fire and Rescue! Discuss story ideas, introduce your OCs, roleplay, chat, and maybe even play some games! Go on in and have some fun!
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I Am Speed
This is a great place to discuss anything from the movie or anything to do with Cars. So come one and all,lets go on the fast lane to this awsome movie!
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Life Could be a Highway's Dream
Just a forum for anything Pixar Cars related. Ocs? We love them! Rps? Love that too! Chat amongst yourselves about stories, plot lines, character development, fan art, whatever. Even chat about irl stuff if that suits your fancy! So if you want someone to chat to or a group of someones to chat to that want to keep this AMAZING fandom alive just as much as you, drive on by! We don't bite! We Race!
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Around Radiator Springs
A place to discuss the characters and world, discuss story ideas, and lay down the gauntlet of friendly challenge to fellow Cars writers.
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Cars OCs
To talk about any OCs all of you have for your Cars fics! Come share you created characters here!
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Which characters should be together? And why? I've got some weird ones, and I know you do too!
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Cars 3 or ?
Who thinks that after Cars they should make a cars 3 or maybe a TV show or maybe some cute shorts Like dreamworks did with Shrek
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AceAttorneyForomtic: Cars Version
Just a forum to talk about Cars 3... And yes, I ship Struz and SalQueen like everyone else.
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Should Pixar Create a Cars 3?
Pixar should make a Cars 3. But what should it be about? Let's discuss.
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Just a forum where we can talk about ships?
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Maters sister
Maters sister is coming to visit
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Life is a Highway
Feel free to discuss the story here! I promise another chapter by midAugust, writer's block permitting of course!
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Sheriff's Corner
Here's a Forum for the law biding officer of Radiator Springs, Sheriff. For fans of this lovable buick police cruiser here is this forum.
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Cars RPG
This is a RPG that will begin about a year after the movie.
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Cars 3: Bonds of Friendship forum
Hey there, Cars fans and followers! Here's the forum of my Cars story "Cars 3: Bonds of Friendship" and my other cars stories. You are free discuss the ideas, the story plots, the OCs and the other things over here!
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Role play here
This is a roleplay forum for y'all. I've been getting back into roleplaying. It's fantastic. Mainly Cars, just create your own rp, fill out sheet, rules and all that.
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The Good, The Bad, And The Cruz
Cruz Ramirez's racing career was put on a hold. After having the longest relationship with her boyfriend, Jackson Storm, he had to choose between his career or his girlfriend. Not wanting to be in the way of his dreams she doesn't tell him about his unborn child. Now a hard working "signal" mom, what will she do when her baby's daddy comes back into her life?
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