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anyone dissapointed at the end of corpse bride as much as I was? Come vent steam here!
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Welcome to the UnderWorld
Hello, the clock is ticking what is your choice? If I made it sound creepy, it really isn't. Right now you can talk about CB and create your own dead guy! Now updated.
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Can You Relate?
A place to act out the characters. Choose who you want to be and whoever claims it first has it. Sorry, but I'm claiming Emily.
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Corpse Bride Fans Welcome!
I am a super Corpse Bride fanatic. Join me in my fanaticness! Come and talk about all your favorite things about Tim Burton's genious creation!
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Is Victor cute to you?
Who else thinks Victor is wonderfully adorable!
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The Ball & Socket
Just a place to talk about CB, CB fanfics, merchandise, etc.
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Corpse Bride
Discuss the Corpse Bride
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