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Covenant RPG
Play your made up or one of the cannon characters from The Covenant. Please read rules before you join.
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Covenant Reborn
I've always wondered what happened after the movie. Have you? Now's your chance to be apart of the Elite at Spenser Academy! This is a RP where you can be one of the guys, our favorite girls, a teacher, Nicky, or even create your own character. OCs are welcome to join.
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Marblehead Lost and Found
This forum is for all users who wish to find a story that the want to read or have that have read and forgotten.
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Any random questions that pop into your head and a place to post any and all interesting facts you come up with to do with The Covenant and any and all actors therein
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I Caught Myself Forum
If you are fans of my Covenant story "I Caught Myself" and ReidxJosie, come on in! Here we will/might RPG, discuss ReidxJosie and various other pairings that may/may not be canon to my story and so much more!
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A Covenant RPG
Brand spankin' new Cov RPG! Site info and link inside :D
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Marysue, riddle me this people
What's the differece between your character and someone elses. You all bash and bash about us being marysues! What the hell makes your so fing different! Why can't well all just let people write in peace? WTF! We ALL write Fing Marysue's!
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A sequel
They left room for a sequel in the movie, any ideas on one or what it would be plot wise?
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What about a Covenant sequel?
It's been confirmed. Renny signed on for a sequel... And we all know what MY ideas for the sequel are. But, for real, what do YOU all think is going to happen? I'll also keep you updated on the latest Cov 2 news.
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Challenges & Suggestions
Got a story you're too lazy to write and want to see what other people make of it? Post details here.
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Betareaders and Coauthors, anyone?
Got strong opinions about good writing? Looking for fics to proofread? Or are you looking for someone to proofread your latest Covenant fic? Hopefully, this forum will hook betas up with authors, or authors up with coauthors.
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How do you not know?
So my fic which people seemed to like so I want to make a Covenant rpg with my characters on it but I need members so I'll make this if you want to join the rpg just post away ps its for anything covenant related not just my fic.
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Did you know Tylers name is supposed to Miller?
Did any one know that tylers name is supposed to be Miller?
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