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Disney Descendants
Roleplay for Disney Descendants, comie join the adventure with all the AKs and VKs!
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Descendants Roleplay Forum
Join the Adventure as more children of Villians, Royalty, etc come to Auradon Prep.
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Descendants RP
Love all things Descendants? This is the place for you. Claim canon characters for RPs or create your own characters. And most importantly, have a good time.
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Descended From The Descendants
{Active} *OPEN* You know the story of the Descendants, how the VK's and AK's bonded and started getting along. But that all started during the first film 24 years ago. Now it's their children's turn to attend Auradon Prep and choose their paths.
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Disney's Descedants AU
Set before the villainous kids were sent to Auradon. Prince Benjamin has decided to attempt to mingle the children of the Isle of the Lost with the children of our favorite heroes. Will Auradon Prep be able to handle these rotten to the core villains? Or will Auradon Prep be thrown into chaos? Only way to find out is to come and enroll and see for yourself! Ocs are welcome!
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Welcome to Auradon, join as a Canon or OC. Be a villian or a hero. Whichever you prefer! Takes place after the second movie, so come claim a character once you're ready! In English.
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вσяη тнαт ωαу
Two weeks have passed since King Ben's coronation and the defeat of Maleficent, and Carlos, Jay, Evie and Mal have proven that goodness can truly be found within everyone. Now all the other devious descendants have been given the go to attend Auradon Prep. Will the other trouble-making teens have a change of heart too? Enter to find out.
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Descendants rp
Welcome to Auradon. Be a VK, AK, or not even a kid. Oc welcome
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Come Help the VKs adjust to Auradon
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Descendants World RP - for Bevie (Ben x Evie) Shippers
Love Descendants but are constantly annoyed or hated on because you're a Bevie shipper like me? Well, here's a RP Forum for Ben and Evie and every other Descendants, Descendants 2 and Wicked World character every mentioned! RP, have fun and lose yourself in the world of Auradon and the Isle of the Lost. Set after Descendants 2.
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Descendants Roleplay Forum
This is an ACTIVE Disney Descendants Roleplay. This Roleplay takes place a month after the events from the movie and it is intertwined with Descendants: Wicked world.
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Disney Descendants RP
Mal, Ben, and the gang are back with new friends, and new enemies.
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Descendants rp
COME RP as a hero or a villain,a oc or cannon explore the world of Aroudon and the Isle of the Lost.
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Descendants discussion
A discussion about the movie and what we have decided about it.
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Descendants Go To College
Mal, Ben, and the gang are graduating from Auradon Prep and are heading into the mountains to go Auradon National University, ANU. ANU is run by Flora, Fauna, and Meriweather, the Headmistresses. With Ben's parents taking care of the kingdom while Ben is away, everyone has time to focus on school and friends. Open rpg, I have Mal.
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Descendants Next Gen
After the adventures of Mal and the rest of the gang, it's time for their descendant's adventures. 20 years after the original decree, a new decree goes out for five children: three from the Isle and two civilians from Auradon, to attend a semester at Auradon Prep. What surprises will there be from this new bunch?
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Descendants Head Canons & Theories
Just a friendly place to share your Descendants head canons and theories. It can be either from the movie or from the book. Please be friendly and respect other's thinking. If you disagree on something, argue it respectfuly.
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Descendants Rec Forum
Formerly a petition
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Gaycendants Roleplay
Roleplay as your favorite gay character or ship! please don't be mean?
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World Building: Auradon
Trying to piece together the world Disney has hodgepodged together.
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fanfic help
to help with our fanfic
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After breaking up with Chad, Audrey starts hanging out with Jay.
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Harry & Gil: A Love Story
A little bit AU, Harry and Gil have been secretly dating, Harry has been getting angry but it's never gone far.. until now that is.
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Evie, Jay, Carlos, and Mal all live on the Isle Of The Lost but have no clue who each other are until they all get invited to Auradon Prep. Will they learn to become friends or will it all crash and burn? Caution/Warning: Mentions of abuse, don't read if that triggers you
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Benlos Fans UNITE!
A place where Benlos (Ben/Prince, Carlos) Fans can converge and discuss ideas.
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